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Monthly Lab Membership, cancel any time.

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Swing Beast Momentum Trading System

There's nothing more exciting than catching a big trade that keeps going further and lasts longer than anyone expects. 

Capture those big multi-day or multi-week swing trade moves that can really move the needle in your trading account. 

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Curvy Trading System

Consistency, that's what every trader wants. The problem is, with everything happening out there, how is it possible to be consistent?

The Curvy system is built to piggy back on algorithmic traders, they leave signs. Curvy identifies these opportunities and puts the odds in our favor.

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Equity Earnings System

Every earnings season there are stocks that have big misses, but rocket higher. 

Every season, there are stocks that get murdered.

The Equity Earnings system is a quantitative approach to finding the winners and avoid the big losers

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Systems Mastery Course

The Systems Mastery Course gives you what other gurus refuse to give you. Teaching you how to build robust trading systems, that take you from guessing and gambling in the markets to predictable, repeatable systems. Like the Pros.

It also gives you the consistent results, you desire and provides you with all the tools needed to set you aside from 95% of traders leaving you in the top 5% of traders being successful.  

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