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The Trading Thunderdome - How To Become A High Level Trader

Uncategorized May 12, 2020

In yesterdays email I answered some of the questions I had sitting in my DM's about prop trading. And a bunch of you hit reply to the email to ask a few more questions about prop trading. I honestly didn't realize that there were so many people with so many questions about getting in to prop, so I went ahead and expanded it and put it on the blog

Bottom line, if you are a profitable trader, I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't take prop money to lever up. 

On to more important subjects...

The Trading Thunderdome


Yes that is a Unicorn rocket ship and so is the Trading Thunderdome!

What is the Trading Thunderdome you ask?

It is an intensive 8 weeks of mentorship by me with a group of trading peers. 

We meet via Zoom 2-3 times per week for at least 2 hours per day. The first hour is classroom time where I train you on some subject focused on mastering your trading. 

The second hour is class peer review where you each present your most recent backtest, hypothesis, results and learnings. 

Between each class you will have homework of 100+ manual backtests, which we will cover in the second hour of our Zoom call as mentioned above.

In addition you will perform a large backtest of 1,000's of manually backtested trades building out a master database for reference. This data set will be organized and readily available for all Thunderdome students and alumni exclusively. 

You will be building your own portfolio of trading strategies, organized by market regime, setups, assets and performance. You will know exactly what strategy to deploy on which asset and how to size the position, when to take profits, when to stop out, when to add to positions. In short you will know exactly when to risk 8% on a trade and when to risk .5% on a trade and why. 

We will be generating our own research to share with the world, promoting you the trader and your individual work. You and your work will be promoted within our platform and given credit for the work. When you do good, we all do good!

There is an opportunity for those interested to create a paid research business based off of the work you perform here. We have investors begging me for this sort of content and it could be a grand kickstart to a highly paid research career. 

As a student and an alumn of the Thunderdome you will have access to our exclusive Slack channel with the only requirement to participate is you will either be a student in the program or an alumni. As an alumni you will always have access to this unique network of trading ninja's, 

At the end of the program there is potential to get funded and run a live portfolio at a real hedge fund or go the prop trading route. 


  • Complete Systems Building/Backtesting Mastery Course
  • Ready Super Trader by Dr. Van Tharp
  • Complete a 300 trade manual backtest

If you want to apply to the first cohort, likely beginning in July 2020 fill out this form

There is no requirement to join the Thunderdome, so there's no harm in filling out the form. 

I will have a look at the form and if I think there is a fit I will reach out to schedule a time to chat to see if we have a fit

Any questions, hit reply to this email


PS - How about that Bull Quiet market on $NQ - the best short setups in the world, just keep failing. Top callers are being punished day after day!


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