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Systems Mastery Course (4 Monthly Payments)

The Same Systems Mastery Course (but 4 monthly payments)

Take the best step towards taking your trading hobby to a predictable, repeatable business

What you'll get:

  • Here’s a full table of contents so you can see exactly what you will get once you enroll.

    1.0 The Birth of Z42 - 48 minutes

    • My trading journey
    • “The turn” from unprofitable to consistent
    • The Z42 trading system that generated 50% annual returns during the depths of the financial crisis
    • Defining trading success for yourself

    2.0 Matching A System To Your Objectives - 20 minutes

    • Outsourcing a system
    • End of Month/End of Quarter systems
    • Swing trading systems

    3.0 Conducting A Proper Backtest - 29 minutes

    • Position sizing with “R”
    • System quality number (SQN)
    • How to generate performance data
    • 30-30-30 Method
    • Performance thresholds for going live
    • Paper trading a new system
    • Market categorization

    3.1 Backtesting In Different Market Regimes— 55 minutes

    • Using bollinger bands to define a market regime
    • Adding Keltner channels to better define the regime

    3.2 Inputting Data — 58 minutes

    • Entering backtrades manually
    • Volatility Breakout trades
    • Failed Breakout trades
    • Hammers/Stars trades
    • Learn the relationship between stop size and position size
    • I go bar by bar and show you exactly how to input data into the backtest template provided for all course takers

    4.0 Failed Breakout Trading — 31 minutes

    • Identifying the setup
    • Russell example
    • EURUSD example
    • GBPJPY example
    • TSLA example

    4.1 Hammers and Stars Trading — 49 minutes

    • Identifying the setup in trending and sideways markets
    • Russell example
    • SPY example

    4.2 Volatility Breakout Trading — 28 minutes

    • Identifying the setup
    • EURUSD example
    • TSLA example
    • Oil example
    • Apple example
    • Bitcoin example

    5.0 From Backtest To Live Trading — 27 minutes

    • Paper Trading with 0 Errors
    • Back Trading within Trading View
    • Live Paper Trading
    • Live Trading

    5.1 Errors — 6 minutes

    • Defining true errors vs trading losses

    6.0 What Does Trading Success Look Like? — 15 minutes

    • Matching a system to your objectives
    • Determining if a system has passed a paper trading test
    • Measuring success in live trading

     7.0 Taking Care of The Tools — 25 minutes

    • Establishing a pre trade routine
    • Building a trading station
    • Intraday discipline
    • Committing to the process

     Current Run Time: 391 Minutes — 6.5 hours

    Along with all of that I already got a few bonus videos in the tank for you guys!