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Swing Beast Momentum Strategy

What you'll get:

Momentum is one of the biggest edges in markets. But knowing when to trade is just as important as what to trade. 

Swing Beast Momentum Strategy gets you in the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors when they are best poised to explode!

Momentum works because momentum trades go further and last longer than anyone expects them to, so there is a constant amount of people taking profits early and chasing to get back in later. 

Swing Beast uses quantifiable edges so you don't have to guess when to buy, when to sell, and not even worry about any news. 

Swing Beast is a battle proven strategy that teaches you how to take a small account to a large account and certainly large accounts too.

Swing Beast teaches you how to do the work, it isn't just a black box signal, you can see for yourself at a glance if you have any trades upcoming or not. 

Keeping you out of low probability gambles.

Learn the exact setup, know when to enter, and most importantly when to exit

Capitalize on the move from low volatility to high volatility, which can deliver 4, 8, and even 10R returns.

Included is a high return options strategy combining momentum, seasonality and filtering of the best stocks.

Quantitatively identify the stocks that are primed to explode and stay away from ones that have lower chances of big moves

Learn how to capitalize on predictable human psychology behind momentum, capture profits, and avoid news-chasing

Position sizing is a major factor in trading success, and we believe it's the most important one. You'll learn just how powerful

Works not only with stocks but also with Cryptocurrencies, Forex, and Futures

Options trading, when applied in the appropriate market regime with the appropriate method like the Swing Beast can have a 10x improvement in results

Continuously updated bonus material on options strategies, market conditions, and any updates to the strategy

The Swing Beast Momentum Strategy will be updated and improved over time. 

You will always get these updates. Once you buy Swing Beast and all it's improvements over time, is yours forever.

What People Are Saying:

Chris makes everything very systematic and easy to follow. From the beast strategy, earning strategy(made more than enough in 1 quarter to repay for the course!) now with the Curvy system. Combining these strategies helps smooth your equity curve. Can't wait to start with the prop firm as well!

Ludovic C

@ChrisDMacro and pollinate trading has helped me take my trading to the next level. Helping me fully understand systemizing my trading removing the guessing games. I am a full time trader and have had some wild swings in my accounts. Since working with Chris those wild swings have been tamed. Especially the swing beast strategy understanding market regimes has helped me elevate to the next level in my trading. Always be learning! P.S i am a real person feel free to ping me ask questions about how pollinate trading has helped me twitter @ _ak_alpha


Yooooo, its good. I made some mistakes, still do, but I'm making money swing trading finally. It wasn't just the system, but I learned all about how to break a market down from top level to actionable trades. I learned how to be a degen option trader that can choose the right options, how much to risk, and have a consistent plan of when to sell. That was so hard for me before, I never knew when to sell.

Chris R

Until I found the Swing beast I was always signing up for trading signal services all over the place, crypto, options, stocks, telegram groups, newsletters... I was paying thousands $$$ every month, and on top of paying the money for all the signals, I never was able to make money over time. I had no idea how to size my trades, when to not take a juicy setup and was all over the place. Once I got swing Beast I realized I waas wasting all my money on those services, quit, and now I trade this. My trading has turned around completely, Im no longer bleeding myself dry every month, Im calm, and comfortable and not stressed. Look, get swing beast, get the beast, get it now!


I trade Swing Beast on $AAPL and a couple of other names, exclusively with options and while the markets went down in 2022, I was in the right stocks at the right time. It isn't perfect, no trading method is, but I've made my money back on this 10 times over. Before I got SB I was a lotto option buying junkie, following random twitter ppl and had no consistency. Now I take a few trades a month and itjust works. Thanks Chris!

SL - San Diego