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Every day during market hours the Pollinate Trading Lab and @Chrisdmacro holds a live zoom call. Going over markets live and answering questions for the lab members have. This call is typically reserved for Lab members only.

But I've decided to change it up!

What is covered on these calls?

  • What market regime we are in.
  • Live trades 
  • How to get a funded trading account
  • Full market overview
  • Proven  trading systems

As my gift to you, I have decided to host a monthly live webinar for none Lab members. This is my way of giving back to the trading community. 


HEY, I'M Chris Dover!

 Head trader and founder at Pollinate Trading. I’m the host of both the Market Gaggle Podcast and the Pollinate Trading Youtube Channel, but before that…

 I served in the United States Marine Corp before getting into prop trading back in 1999 (at the height of the Dot Com Bubble).

 Learning to trade through recessions has been an important cornerstone of my foundation. From 9/11 and the Global Financial Crisis to the US Debt Downgrade, Brexit, Volpocalypse, and Covid,  I’ve developed winning systems that stack true edges in the markets while perfecting the art of knowing what to focus on and what to ignore.

 In addition to over twenty years of trading experience, I have founded multiple technology startups, worked with the State Department in Iraq, and have protected the President of Haiti, Steven Spielberg, and numerous politicians throughout the world.

 I am also fluent in Spanish and have spent over ten years living in Colombia and Mexico. After traveling the world with my family and staying in Airbnb's while trading, I’ve now set up shop in Scottsdale as we’ve gained a new member of the family. My baby boy.

 You can always find me on Twitter -- feel free to reach out. I'm always happy to chat with or help a fellow trader.

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