Consistently Profitable Trader 

Tired of taking two steps forward and three steps back?

This course will teach you the key components to consistency. So you can take the final step to become consistently profitable. Learning how to lock in gains without giving them back. 

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What most traders lack to understand is that being consistently profitable does not mean you are always right.  Consistently profitable traders do take some losses. Some of the key factors to their profitability is allowing the trade to pull them in. As well as understanding their system and R multiple. Which are all fully covered in the consistently profitable trader course.

⭐️Also as a bonus, I'm including two profitable trading system courses with the consistently profitable trading course⭐️

Key benefits from this course

📈 - How to properly stack edges

📈 - Eliminating the majority of losing trades

📈 - Catogorizing markets and knowing how to trade them properly

📈 - Entries - How to get pulled into a trade properly

📈 - Exits - How to exit a trade properly

📈 - Indicators worth using and how to use them

                       ⭐️Bonus material⭐️

⭐️Two proven strategy cources FVBO/VBO⭐️

 ⭐️All proceeds of this course go to Charity⭐️

Consistency is closer than you think

The way you enter a trade is more important than you think. 

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Learn what it takes to be consistently profitable

Becoming consistently profitable is not as difficult as you think. The consistently profitable trader course covers the key components you need to level up your trading and get that consistent profitability you are looking for. 

Getting pulled into a trade the right way can eliminate up to 1/2 of the trades that never would have been profitable anyway, increasing your win rate and allowing you to increase position sizing. Which is all fully covered in the consistently profitable trader courses.

Current Run Time: 86 Minutes — 1.4 hours 

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All proceeds are donated to charity, this is a win win for everyone

Build Consistently Profitable Trading Systems Forever


Chris M - California

Equities Trader at UK Based Hedge Fund

"Chris D’s Backtesting Mastery Course is an integral part of my trading development. Not only has this course given me a road map on how to build a system, it has also improved my discretionary trading. There are no trading silver bullets, holy grails, or shortcuts. However, if you are willing to put in the work that 99% of traders are not, you will greatly increase your probability of being one the 1% of consistently profitable traders. This course shows you how to do the work necessary for success."

Sam S - London

Derivatives Trader

"Chris Dover takes you on the journey from WHY you want to become a trader all the way to HOW to become a consistently profitable trader. Using his background as ex marine combined with over twenty years of trading in the markets, he shows you that hard work and discipline will bring you the results you want. He covers psychology, market environments, trade set ups together with risk management. He demonstrates that when all is said and done, traders trade their 'beliefs' about the market and therefore how important is to make sure those 'beliefs' are correct. He goes through step by step, how to manually backtest your beliefs/system and ensure that you have a positive expectancy. During the process you can expect to find insights in the market that you would never otherwise realise. Note that the process involves HARD work. If you are not up for the challenge of building a better life, financially and otherwise, for your family and yourself, don't bother with his course. If you are, then Chris can show you the path."

Steve - California

Fund Manager/Fixed Income Trader

"If you want to really trade any market, for any reason, you need to understand this approach, process, and mind set.  Best money I ever spent.  Thank you Chris"