Trade Less. Earn More. Enjoy Life. 

Join thousands of other traders reading the Pollinate Newsletter - some move billions of dollars a day,(you'll learn a bit about life, tech and health too!)

Trade Less.

Learn how to spend a few hours a day trading in any market conditions, bull markets, bear markets. Recession proof yourself (without spending 4 years and $48,799 on a degree).

Earn More. 

Following our top down market regime approach to trading. Using an edge so big that you can drive a Mack Truck through it and stop gambling on hunches. Systemize Your Trading And Become Consistent.

Enjoy Life. 

There is a systematic way to trade markets, that is consistent, repeatable and requires little time (once you learn how). So you can spend the rest of your day becoming better, getting out in the world, exercising, creating, learning, spending time with friends and family...enjoying life.

The Trading Lab

Trading is hard! Trading alone is even harder. Join us trading live daily in Slack and Livestream.

  • Live day trading and swing trading
  • Daily livestreams
  • Trading Lab exclusive courses and discounts on other products!

We trade Crypto but also... FX, Futures, and Equities

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The Crypto Momentum System (EVERYTHING Crypto Bundle)

  • Tradingview templates
  • Watchlist/Momentum Filter
  • Tradingview code
  • How to set up videos (and written)
  • Multicharts or Tradestation Code (by request)
  • Any updates to the system
  • Emails/Videos of what's happening in crypto and with our systems when it's relevant
  • Private Slack group so you can follow along with what other traders are looking at
  • Crypto Day Trading System
  • Crypto Swing System¬†
  • Lifetime access to Trading Lab¬†
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The Trading Thunderdome

The Thunderdome is a self paced intensive professional trader program. It is designed to be two sessions per week but you can go as fast (or slow) as you like. You'll have access to all of this forever. In addition, you'll receive...

All together that's $9,985 in trading systems, courses and the Trading Lab, in addition to the Thunderdome program.And on top of that you get access to all the other Thunderdomes cohorts (if we do live cohorts again, whenever you need it!

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Crypto Day Trading System

Get in, get out and sleep well at night! No one wants to spend all day and night worrying about what's happening in the world, in the markets? Constantly refreshing charts, skipping sleep to catch the next big headline. Tame the crazy crypto beast and sleep at night.



Crypto Swing Trading System

Some of the biggest moves happen when you let them happen. The big moves, the moves that go further and last longer than anyone expects aren't always a surprise. There's tell tale signs. Success leaves clues. It's repeatable. And it doesn't require you to stay glued to your charts all day and night. A predictable repeatable system that captures the big moves, keeps you in, then when it's over...move on to the next one.