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Why trade a system?


A system gives you predictable (that you know a trade is going to happen) setups. 

A system gives you repeatable setups. You need a lot of good trades to exploit the edge.

With a system you can know if you are trading well or poorly, compare your trading to the system results.

Identify mistakes AND opportunities. 

Be able to plan your future.

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Why implementing this system is a must.

This is the exact system I use to trade every single day. It's consistent, high expectancy, and easy to learn.

Our secret?

We piggyback on algo traders!

Playing the other players.

Algo traders are out to run your stops, take you out of positions, force you to do stupid things. But while they're playing their game, we are on the sidelines watching them, waiting for them to show up, and then we pounce!

Being the smart money in the trading day, instead of the predators prey.

Understanding and trading this system.

Are you new to trading or are you a professional trader? It doesn't matter what your answer was. Anyone can pick this system up and fully understand how powerful it is. Implementing it with ease. If you are a professional trader that's great! You can cater this system to be your own with ease. 


Fund Manager/Fixed Income Trader

"If you want to really trade any market, for any reason, you need to understand this approach, process, and mindset.  Best money I ever spent.  Thank you, Chris"

- Ludovic C - full time trader -

"Chris makes everything very systematic and easy to follow. From the beast strategy, earning strategy(made more than enough in 1 quarter to repay for the course!) now with the Curvy system. Combining these strategies helps smooth your equity curve. Can't wait to start with the prop firm as well! 

Mastering the Curvy's predictable setup keeps you on the right side of momentum. This is how you grow an account consistently.

How is the Curvy system predictable?

Patterns are predictable and repeatable because humans trade them, and human emotion is predictable and repeatable. Curvy knows when and where to capture the profits from human behavior. 

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Improve your skillset and earn greater returns


  • Professional trading system with all the rules (futures, forex, crypto, stocks)

  • Written Rules

  • Live videos explaining the system

  • Risk Management 

  • Trading Plan 

  • Prop Trading method (get funded, stay funded and earn)
  • Direct support, email me and ask questions!

  • Learn the system right away, begin trading it live ASAP
  • Requires no special indicators or secret software
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