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We look at markets differently at Pollinate

Have you ever taken a trade only to miss your exit by a hair or to be stopped out
by a hair? Well here at Pollinate we help you avoid these issues by fully covering
market regimes. A market regime tells you the characteristics of the current market
allowing you to have your targets clearly defined.

Most traders have the fear of missing out on bull markets and the belief that we are
going to crash any day now. In fact many newsletters sell this constant fear, all
while trying to call the bear market bottoms and bull market tops.

This is absolute ideocracy!

At Pollinate we have no need for that. In fact we focus on capturing the
bulk of the move not the entire move. That’s where most traders go wrong thinking
they must catch absolute bottoms and tops. Also thinking they have too always be
correct. This type of thinking will destroy your trading journey. Pollinate is more
then just a trading newsletter it’s also a mindset tool.

What's worse is other newsletters CHARGE YOU to be wrong and pray on your
emotions. Here at Pollinate we help you control your emotions and create winning
trading systems. All while delivering a FREE newsletter.

What we focus on is knowing when to be long, stay long, take profits, or avoid a
market altogether is exactly what you’ll get with the Pollinate Newsletter.

Sometimes not taking a trade is the trade for the day or week.

Each week (at least) we cover the most important trading opportunities in the
markets -- and strive to keep you from making the wrong moves at the wrong

From Forex and futures to cryptocurrencies and equities, we focus on the best-
performing markets.

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Whether you’re a retail trader, running a family office, wealth management firm, or
are a proprietary trader, the newsletter is geared towards you. Even if you’re just
investing for yourself, our research is clear, actionable, and not overstuffed with
complex conspiracy theories Just pure alpha for FREE.

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