Trading doesn't have to be lonely


Trading doesn't have to be hard

The Lab

The Lab is a private Slack Channel where all lab members collaborate with each other. Led by @ChrisDMacro. The Lab is designed to be a Journeyman/Apprentice model where experienced traders mentor newer traders on strategies, markets, and different techniques to manage risk, book profits, and if interested earn a fully funded prop trading account. Allowing you to trade other people’s money. Also, don't forget the live trade calls and the daily zoom call going over everything markets during live market hours. 
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Swing Beast Strategy Course

A predictable, high-win strategy that delivers 1-2 risks to reward.
In order to grow a small account more quickly, you need a momentum swing strategy that delivers higher returns that will really move the needle. 
This can be your answer to account growth.
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Consistently Profitable Trader Course

Take the final step to finally becoming a consistently profitable trader. This course will teach you what it takes to become consistently profitable, by focusing on a handful of key components.
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System Mastery Course

Our flagship course teaches you how to build robust trading systems, that take you from guessing and gambling in the markets to a predictable, repeatable business so you can go pro. Were not just handing you the fish. We are teaching you to fish so you can eat for life and never rely on another guru.


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