The Trading Lab

Pollinate Trading provides traders with the tools they need to succeed in the markets. Our trading systems and community give you the insight, support, and resources you need to make informed and profitable trades.


"I spent years trading on the edge of consistency while having little to show for it. Progress was losing less and surviving while being lost at sea. Wading through a large number of fake gurus, half-baked systems, and “take my word for it” strategies became sickening.

While some traders were looking for homerun, Holy Grail methods of beating the market, I searched for something that worked and a process that allowed me to lay one brick down at a time.

Having taken both the Systems Mastery and the Consistently Profitable Trader courses and being a member of the Pollinate Lab, I have earned the skills and confidence I needed to trade professionally.

From first meeting Chris two years ago to writing this review, I now trade full time, manage a small Family Office, and trade Prop."


Thanks, Coach

What Is The Trading Lab?


The Trading Lab is a place for beginning and experienced traders. Whether you are a retail trader, trading from your bedroom, a fully funded prop trader, an aspiring prop trader or trade professional with a firm.

We work together as a team to make consistent returns day trading and swing trading the markets.

Trading Futures, Stocks, Commodities, Currencies, Options and Crypto.

What Should I Expect In The Lab?

The Lab is a private Slack Channel where all lab members collaborate with each other. The Lab is designed to be a  Journeyman/Apprentice model where experienced traders mentor newer traders on the strategies, markets and different techniques to manage risk, earn a living, and even get fully funded at a prop firm if you want to.

There is dedicated slack channel to calling out all trades in real time, the exact entry, stop and how we will exit the trade if profitable, so you always know how to trade.

We do livestreams throughout the week covering different strategies, answering questions, looking over the markets, and coming up with a plan to deal with all the different market conditions we see.

We trade PROVEN strategies and we adapt for each different market regime.

As a member of the Trading Lab, you’ll get the Trading Lab Master Trading Course.

EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to know about trading!

Also, there’s a library of 1,000’s of hours of videos if you really want to dig in. Numerous recordings of previous coaching and training sessions exclusively available to lab members.

Here’s Everything You Get

📈-Private slack channel

📈-Live zoom during the week

📈-Trade alerts swing and day trades in Futures, Forex, Stocks, Options and Crypto

📈-Live Mentorship

📈-50% off all premium courses (System Mastery Course, Consistently Profitable Course, Swing Beast Strategy)

📈-How to manual backtest course

📈-How to identify market regimes

📈-tools and routines for trading success

📈-Live prop trading tryouts including the tools on how to get a funded trading account

📈-New strategy creation

📈-Community of traders


What Markets Do We Trade?

The Trading Lab focuses on trading Options, Forex, Futures, Equities, and Crypto. 

Why Do We Manually Backtest Trades?

Most traders have been conditioned poorly to trade markets. Entering late in trends, chasing low probability trades, not entering and exiting properly, reacting to news or just flat out gambling. 

The process of manually backtesting is actually REWIRING YOU MIND, RETRAINING YOUR BRAIN to see trades where there is actual edge and predictable, repeatable opportunities to exploit. 

Just like any professional athlete, they practice at least 4 times as much as they actually compete. Most traders lose money, and most traders don't practice. Manual Backtesting is the same as practice, you are practicing identifying regime, identifying the setup, placing your entry in a probability method and letting the trade play out and collecting excellent and detailed data which can later be sliced and diced to inform you the trader on just how viable opportunities might or might not be. 


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