The Trading Lab

The lab is a private slack group where professional traders, proprietary traders, traders at hedge funds and portfolio managers collaborate 24/7 covering our unique views on markets. 

We have a heavy emphasis on building quantifiable strategies, sharing our work with each other and generating high performing trades.

We provide real-time trading alerts in Equities, Currencies (FX), Futures, Cryptocurrencies and Options trades with clear entry, stops and continual commentary on the trades while the trades are in process. 

Our focus is on understanding the market regimes and applying the appropriate trading strategies to build profits, and more importantly not wasting capital and energy on markets or strategies that have low probabilities of success. 

Additionally we provide private analysis via reports and videos that only lab members get exclusive access to. 

Whether you are a seasoned professional or newer trader we work together, mentoring newer traders with fresh ideas and perspectives and experienced traders looking to expand upon and leverage their experiences in markets. 


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Do you ever wonder why a strategy that you've been trading just fine, suddenly breaks?

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The team room is the place to go to work with fellow professional traders, from prop, hedge funds and family offices along with other individual traders all utilizing the Pollinate methods of building and managing our own strategies.

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