Crypto Trading the Pollinate Way 

How many times have you seen a trade you were in take off 3, 5, 10x higher than you expected it to go, while you sat on your hands taking profits just as it was getting going?

How many times have you tried to hold out for the big moves only to be stopped out, again and again. 

How many times have

If you haven't been following me for a few years then you might be surprised to find out that I have been trading crypto for coming up on 10 years now. 

And you may have an opinion on crypto that isn't all that good.

But stick with me here...I'm not shilling a scam coin.

The world of crypto currency trading is a mad house!

A religion.

A cult. 

(But for some of us, it isn't)

At one end you have the die hard Bitcoin folks who think anything other than Bitcoin is a threat to humanity.

Then you have folks who have tried new technology, new improvements in incentives, or outright scams creating their own currency or tokens. 

Random nerds scamming investors out of billions, and it happens during every crypto bull market...this time isn't different.

Every bull market brings a new and creative scam. 

And every bull market also brings new experimentation, new technology, new protocols, and new ideas at a rapid pace.

The break neck speed that crypto moves, and the access to capital (when in a bull market), brings all sorts of people. 

But it isn't all evil. 

It's our parents, it's friends from school, it's your neighbor. 

When the bull market is on in crypto, everyone is talking about it.

And when it's moving it seems like everyone is making money... and there's no time for sleep. 

I've been there. I spent the majority of 2017 fully immersed in crypto. 

I went to the meetups in San Francisco, I had dinners, coffee and drinks with a lot of the big names in the crypto world. 

I lived and breathed it. 

Up all day and night reading every white paper, in private Facebook (before Telegram took off) groups, scouring miles of code to find an edge. 

I started a Crypto hedge fund in October 2017 and returned all the capital (plus huge profits) to investors by January 2018, when it was obvious that it wasn't sustainable at those levels. 

The timing was impeccable.

(lucky really)

It was a wild time. 

That was the year when I learned my biggest lesson about momentum trading.

Of course I had studied momentum systems quite a bit over the years, and knew they were a major edge but I had never been the beneficiary of such a strong and sustained move. 

Momentum systems are what everyone wants to trade, it makes them super appealing.

Momentum systems are VERY HARD to trade, that's what makes them so lucrative.

Why so hard?

Momentum trades go further and last longer than anyone expects...or believes is sustainable. 

Let's take a step back here and talk about the two types of trades. 

Mean reversion and trending.

Mean reversion (or a sideways market) happens about 70% of the time. 

Look at any chart and you'll see a lot of moving up and down within a range. 

Just when price breaks out to a higher high it immediately is reversed back to within the range. 

And when a new low is taken out, price spikes right back inside the range. 

Notice how long (wide) the sideways markets are compared to the jumps.

As traders (investors) we get lulled in to thinking the moves are over quickly, and are head fakes. 

Looking at the chart you can see months go buy while prices just bangs around in the range.

Each time it pokes is head out a wall of sellers are there to take profits, and the more aggressive traders are fading the move. 

Eventually either everyone who was hoping for a big move is wore out, and has moved on to trade something else, or they've been conditioned to take profits and fade the breakouts. 

In other words, no one is positioned for a big directional (momentum/trend) move. 

So volume is low, and anyone who is trading it is positioned for a reversal, and they place their stop losses right near their entries. 

This creates a very special opportunity where no one is positioned correctly for the big move. 

Everyone has moved on to other markets. 

In crypto no one is talking about it.

If you do mention crypto you are the butt of every joke.  

Everyone has a story to tell you about how they got scammed, still have 10 Million SHIBUSDT tokens or a bunch of random wallets that they forgot how to log in to. 

But it doesn't just happen in crypto. 

It's tech stocks. it's MEME stocks. It's AirBNB's. It's Bonds for you more conservative folks.

The point is, this isn't only a crypto thing. It happens in all speculative markets. 

It has happened for centuries. 

This is an edge as old as time!

But works exceptionally well in high risk, highly speculative markets.

Like Crypto!

This is what creates those monster rallies...the whole reason we trade crypto.

And I've been working a system just for crypto since the last bull market. 

The last bull market I (unlike how it went for me in 2017) I stayed longer than I wanted to. We did great still but should have done a lot better. 

This time I built my system to be in for the big main portion of the move and more importantly to know when things are done. 

I've been live trading the new system for the past two months, without leverage on a basic Coinbase account and have already 10x'd the account.

This was the account balance last week before this past weekends move.

I've caught moves in Bitcoin originally but then as that move died out, the system rotated in to other assets, $AVAX, $DOGE, $SOL, $MATIC and $LINK.

Just this past weekend I caught this ripper in $ICP which I was able to add to the whole way up. 

This is the account after this weekends move in $ICP

And again today I bought this $OTX which is already starting to move in my favor. 

It isn't perfect, and doesn't catch every major move, but when it does, it catches a good chunk of it. 

I built this system to be able to trade in the United States, so it doesn't require highly speculative foreign exchanges with 100x leverage in order to participate. 

That also means, you regulated folks working on Wall Street can trade this without compliance issues.

I haven't shared the details with anyone yet, and I'm only making it available to 20 people. 

Crypto is a crazy place and too many people with access would cause some issues. 

Here's what it will include:

  • Tradingview templates
  • Watchlist/Momentum Filter
  • Tradingview code
  • How to set up videos (and written)
  • Multicharts or Tradestation Code (by request)
  • Any updates to the system
  • Emails/Videos of what's happening in crypto and with our systems when it's relevant
  • Private Slack group so you can follow along with what other traders are looking at

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