Never Fail Another Prop Tryout Again

Let us show you how rules-based trading systems can take away the inconsistency and uncertainty in your trading.

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Did you know that 96% of Traders fail their tryouts at prop firms?

And only 10% get paid out in their first month...if they even stay funded

Prop Trading System (50% Discount)

Are you struggling to pass your prop tryout, yet again?

  • Have you tried multiple evaluations/tryouts and can't seem to stay within the rules?
  • Passed an evaluation/tryout only to lose it due to a "gotcha rule" that you didn't know about?
  • Reset after reset?
  • Take on a big multi account evaluation/tryout because of "super deal" and not hit the target before next months payment? 
  • Signed up for signal service and trade rooms hoping you copy their trades?

Is Prop Trading Even Possible?

Can anyone even prop trade for a living?

Free Prop Trading Course On YouTube

Prop Firms 

Apex Trader Funding

They offer trade copiers, so you can trade up to 20 accounts from one order entry. 50% Discount on all account tryouts with this link.


  • Receive 100% of the first $25,000 per Account and 90% Beyond That
  • Two Payouts per Month
  • Qualify in as Little as 7 Days
  • No Daily Drawdowns
  • Trade on Holidays
  • Trade Your Normal Day to Day Strategy or System During The News
  • No Total Cap on Maximum Payout
  • One-Step Evaluation Process
  • Real-Time Data Included
  • Trade With Multiple Accounts up to 20 max


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Surge Trader

SurgeTrader is the most trusted proprietary trading firm in the space, which has seen the long lasting positive and profitable impact on the lives of our clients. We pride ourselves on being transparent, open, and honest, not only giving our clients our money to trade with (up to $1mm) we share in the profits of their trades up to 90%.

SurgeTrader is the only funded account that funds its traders with a real live money trading account – aligning the interests of the firm and the trader. When the trader makes profits in the Market, SurgeTrader does too. Additionally, If a trader is in profit when the account is breached, we still payout on the account. This is an account feature that cannot be found with any other capital funding firm

Up to $1million in real funding

TopStep Trader

TopstepTrader provides the resources traders need to develop, learn and succeed in the trading industry. Central to TopstepTrader is the Trading Combine®, an evaluation program that allows traders to prove their skills to a team of experts, while trading on a real-time simulated account using a preferred platform. Those who meet the objective of the Combine can earn a Funded Trading Account with no personal capital contribution. 

  • 90/10 profit split
  • Daily payout processing
  • Keep 100% of first $5000
  • Scale up over time
  • Real Money trading (not SIM)
  • Free 1:1 coaching
  • Education Courses

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Elite Trader Funding

We provide traders with an opportunity to earn live funding based on their trading performance in simulated accounts.

  • Hold overnight/weekends with a static drawdown account (Diamond Hands plan is the Best deal around!)
  • Trade multiple accounts (up to 20) under one login!
  • Several evaluation options.
  • Keep 80% of all profits after your first $12,500!
  • Optional evaluation reset fee is only $75
  • Automatic free evaluation account resets on monthly subscription renewal if account is failed.
65% Discount