What Is The Trading Lab? 

Our job as traders is to make money.


The Trading Lab is a place for serious traders.

We trade Crypto, we trade futures, we trade options, we trade stocks.

You won't find red-faced angry people yelling about politics, the Fed or making predictions about rate hikes or earnings.

Our mission is to work together, at taking money out of the market consistently.  

The Trading Lab is a trading floor + research center + locker room (we joke around a bit, but is that the right analogy??).

We take ourselves seriously enough, but not too seriously. 

We're a team.

Whether you move 9 figures in and out of the market everyday or day trade 0DTE options...and everything in between, if you are a trader, you are one of us!

Our members are Hedge Fund Traders, Family Offices, big time prop traders, retail traders and more than a few business partnerships have started between Lab members. 

We work together to make consistent returns day trading and swing trading the markets.

Trading Futures, Stocks, Commodities, Currencies, Options and Crypto.

What Should I Expect In The Lab?


  • Daily Livestream during US Trading Hours
  • Private Slack (not Discord) Channel where traders from around the world keep connected 24/7 
  • 1000's of videos on different trading strategies, analysis, theories and research
  • Trading Lab Professional Trader Course (only for Lab members)
  • Access to numerous trading strategies not accessed any where else 
  • 50% Discount on ALL Pollinate Trading Products

We trade PROVEN strategies and we adapt for each different market regime.



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"I spent years trading on the edge of consistency while having little to show for it. Progress was losing less and surviving while being lost at sea. Wading through a large number of fake gurus, half-baked systems, and “take my word for it” strategies became sickening.

While some traders were looking for homerun, Holy Grail methods of beating the market, I searched for something that worked and a process that allowed me to lay one brick down at a time.

Having taken both the Systems Mastery and the Consistently Profitable Trader courses and being a member of the Pollinate Lab, I have earned the skills and confidence I needed to trade professionally.

From first meeting Chris two years ago to writing this review, I now trade full time, manage a small Family Office, and trade Prop."


Thanks, Coach