Become a systems trading machine.

There are manageable and scalable trading ideas everywhere. But spotting the real edge can be a challenge. The Systematic Trading Course is built to help you take your edges and ideas and turn them in to algorithms. It's a framework to build robust trading systems...and more importantly to know you've built them the right way.

Let's Do It


Trading is hard!

The challenge to be consistent always pulls at you, but at the same time the challenge to make big gains and keep losses smalls is exciting. 

These two aren't always the same. 

Each is hard, each takes discipline and commitment. 

So how do we make this happen?

That's easy, we program algo's to do it for us. 

Just kidding, that's not easy either.

And that, that right there is the truth that no one thinks is true. 

How many times have you said to yourself "if I could only code, I'd just code this up into an algo and let it run for me".

You've convinced yourself that the only thing keeping you back from being consistently profitable is your ability to code. 

But being able to code doesn't mean you can build consistently profitable trading systems. 

You still need to have a consistently profitable trading system to code. 

There's nothing different than not being able to code and slapping a bunch of random indicators on a chart and hoping this time you'll have guessed the right indicators to use. 

And I'm going to let you in on a little secret here. 

I CAN code.

I AM a consistently profitable trader. 

And I never ran any trading algorithms. 

I've tinkered with them for years but never fully did it. 

And then my friend Shyam, patiently (and generously), let me have it. 

Shyam: "Chris, you are an excellent trader, but you are getting in your own way sometimes."

Me: "Hogwash, I'm the greatest!"

Shyam: "Bwahahahah! That's cute."


Shyam: "I've seen you get dialed in on one time frame trading, and kill it. But then you get caught up in a swing idea and you put the trade on, and you miss the exit, and leave 1/2 the profits on the table."

Me: "yeah that's true."

Shyam: "And then I've seen you say you are going to take a swing trade, and you miss it because you are busy day trading, and miss the swing trade entry."

Me: "Too many times."

Shyam: "What if you had an algo that did the swing trading for you, so you could focus your time on day trading/"

Me: "I dunno man, I've tried a lot over the years but never really got it right."

Shyam: "I know, as a Lab member, I've seen you over the years. And you know what, I think I know what the solution is."

Me: "Go on."

Shyam: "Mate, you are skipping a major step and a few other steps along the way, because of that big miss. There is a definite way to do this. Let's sit down together and I'll walk you through it."

Me: "I mean, I'm open to the idea. Sure let's do a Zoom next week."

Shyam: "Ok cool. In the mean time I'm going to record a few videos for you to work through before we chat."

Me: "Oh that's a good idea, LFG!"

And then he started sending me videos.

And I ran through them.

And and and....

And shit, he was right. 

I missed some steps. Some important steps. 

Then before our call I sent him what I had built.

Shyam said: "Mate I think you got it, I don't think we need to do a call now do we?"

Me: "Sir, this was one of the most useful things I've gotten in a long time. I can't believe I missed this. This changes everything. It profoundly changed things for me. It wasn't a simple obvious solution either, it was just an entire change in how I build algorithmic systems, but also the scale of improvement. And I've been doing this for decades, holy shit! This is really impactful, and I think it'll help a lot of other people too."

Since then I've been spending any opportunity I can convincing him to make this in to a course, FOR SERIOUS TRADERS ONLY. 

He agreed, but he was adamant that he didn't want to make it a "here's how to code algorithms" course. 

It isn't about coding up some magical witchcraft'y algo, it's about how you build robust systems. 

A framework. A foundation. A system. 

Who is this for?

This is for traders who have experience, that know they have an edge and want to turn that edge in to a system. 

This is for traders who take this business of trading very seriously.

Even if you don't know how to code, this is for you. 


Who this isn't for.

To be clear, this isn't for everyone...

If you've never traded before, this isn't for you, yet.

If you cannot pay for this without going in to debt, this isn't for you, yet. 

If you question whether you'll be able to pay rent next month because you're spending next months rent, this isn't for you, yet.

The Systematic Trading Course isn't a place that you can just pay a chunk of money to, in order to get all the knowledge you need to be a successful trader. 

But if you are looking for that next level, looking to tighten it up, looking to take your trading to a level that you know you can achieve then try the Systematic Trading Course.

Questions and Answers


Do I need to know how to code? 

To understand and apply the framework I teach, you do not need to know how to code. You can pay a coder to do the work for you. That being said, I recommend you learn to code in a language of your choice if you haven't already. This course will use EasyLanguage/ PowerLanguage and Multicharts as the platform. You may choose to use Python, C#, or any others you are comfortable with.

What programming language do I need to code in?

The course uses EasyLanguage / PowerLanguage because I use this for my algorithms along with Multicharts as a platform. You may apply the framework learned with any other platform or coding language. It is your responsibility to have learned the platform and associated language as this course is not a course on learning to code. That being said, the coding session videos do try to explain the code as I go along so you understand the thought process.

Do I need to pay extra data feeds for or get any new software?

Well, it depends. I trade futures so I need a subscription to a data vendor. If you trade other assets such as Fx, CFDs and Crypto, most brokers have data feed available for free. In this instance, you do not need to pay for data. Platform - anything you are comfortable with or already using. The course is designed to give you a framework to build algorithms and does not restricted platforms, data etc. As long as you have a platform you are comfortable using, data access to your desired product and are able to code (or learn to code) in the associated language, you can build profitable systems with the framework. I just happen to use paid data and have a lifetime Multicharts membership because that is the platform I am comfortable using, and the coding language associated.

Could I use this course to help me know how to get a developer to build an algo/strat for me? 

 Yes. Once you understand the framework I teach to build profitable algorithms, you can start to formulate your ideas properly and communicate them better to a programmer. You will still need to liase with the programmer to ensure the end product is exactly what you want. You can literally use each step of the framework as a check point, review and feedback for your programmer.


Does the course include profitable trading algo's?

No. The course is not there to spoon feed you. It is there to give you a framework to apply to your own ideas to build profitable systems. Examples are included, code sessions are included, resources are provided. But for the sole purpose of taking you through step by step, the framework I use to build systems. Maybe in the future I will consider adding some simple, small edges as bonuses. I haven't put much thought into it yet.

Will it work with crypto?

The framework can be applied to any asset class as long as you have the data and are able to code the idea or get someone to code it for you, following the framework I show you. The course is designed to take you from your idea stage to code and beyond, I.e. testing, understanding the metrics, forward test and eventually automate.

What level of trading knowledge should I already have?

The course is not a beginner course. It will not teach you how to trade. It will not teach you how to code. It will expect you to have your own data, platform and expect you to code (unless you have someone to code for you). The course is designed for those who want to take their ideas that have been gathering dust on the shelf and turn them into systematic strategies using my framework. It is important to have a factory of ideas because trading is hard. If you already have a mechanical strategy that you trade profitably and you want to explore automating it, then using the framework I show you, will help you.

What is included?

The Systematic Trader Course is a self paced program for traders looking to take their edges and ideas, turn in to code.

You can go as slow or fast as you like. 

You'll have access to the entire course, bonus sessions and can contact Shyam about your systems forever. 

  • 27 Videos (Over 7.5 hours)
  • Ongoing library of bonus training
  • Recommended Reading Lists
  • Resource folders

What does it cost?


The entire program, videos, coursework, framework, bonus videos and direct access to Shyam to answer questions you might have...forever

$2997, one time fee

$1997 one time fee

Let's do it