The Day You Became Consistently Profitable 

If we're really honest with ourselves, we think every trade we get in is going to be an epic winner.

Trading provides the perfect opportunity to to prove how intelligent we are, we have this magical gift that has been left hidden deep in our brain.

Like the plot of so many Hollywood movies, some no name dude, from some no name town, doing nothing important turns out to be a secret genius.

Good Will Hunting (1997) - IMDb

We hear some news or have an idea and without hesitation, we plow in to the trade.

No mechanics to it, no risk management, no idea of where to place the stop, will you take profits or let this thing run to new all time highs?

This happens again and again, some trades work out, some trades worked out for a little while then failed, some trades just ripped your heart out.

Everyone on the internet tells you just how easy trading is, but all you've seen is the 10 million opportunities that you missed because you took the wrong trade.

Yesterday everything was bullish, things looked calm, it looked easy.

Today, the market rallied, then fell apart.

Everyone is talking about inflation, deflation, the Dollar, the Yen, war in Ukraine, US Debt Ceiling, layoffs, rate hikes, Fed pivots...any reason to justify their point. 

But no matter how many times you think you have this trading thing figured out, it's another down day for your account. 

You want to know how I do it?

Tucked in bed at night, sleeping soundly without worrying about a 2008 Global Financial Crisis scenario, or what company is going to go bankrupt tomorrow.

This morning I woke up late, made some coffee, hung with my family and took my time getting going.

There was no rushing to check the markets, refresh my Twitter, or CNBC telling me how to think about anything, everything, whatever?

My money was in all cash over night, just like it is every night. Safe (for the most part) from the Apple's or the Tesla's of the world who can blow up a market with a little bit of bad news.

I spent this whole summer building an incredible trading system that has blown me away with how consistent and relaxing it is to trade.

Here's a screenshot of the core system.

The system is the evolution of my trading journey, taken those who I've worked with over the years, my mentors and perfectly describes the saying:

"if I have seen further [than others], it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Isaac Newton

And here's how my personal trading went the last few months of 2022 live trading it.

October and November were HUGE months. 

December, I pretty much took the month off. 

I wanted to build a system that could easily identify when a trade setup was happening and more importantly when there wasn't a setup. Why sit in front of my computer like Pavlov's dog waiting/hoping the magic shows up?

Very simple to follow.

Scalable across stocks, futures, forex, crypto.

A system that I can handle multiple trades in multiple markets at the same time...but works just as well in only one.

Does not require special software, data, algorithms or licenses.

Can trade it on all time frames.

Most Importantly, other traders have been able to do the same. in a very short period of time.

My results match my backtests, and as you can see from the live results 

System Results

  • 50% Win Rate
  • .30 Expectancy (for every 100 trades, it'll earn 30R) - The more I trade, the more I earn.
  • 6 Max Consecutive losses
  • Averages 3-5 trades per day
  • Averages 1.95R per day

I personally tested the system on these and all had similar results:

  • Equities (SPY, QQQ, DIA, IWM, AAPL)
  • Futures (ES, NQ, RTY, YM, ZB, UB, TN, ZN, ZC, ZW, ZL, GC, SI, HG, NG, CL)
  • Crypto (BTCUSD, ETHUSD) - there are other ways to trade all crypto products

I gotta be honest, it's more boring than it is exciting to trade this system, because it's so predictable.

Today for example, got short Gold, Crude Oil, Euro and 30 Year Ultra Bonds, all winners.

It doesn't happen like that everyday, but wow!

Trading this system has changed everything for me.

I wake up, do my morning routine, fire up my charts and wait for a trade.

When a trade shows up, I take it.

If it's a losing trade, that's fine, I know that on average I will make at 2R every trading day...over the course of 100-1000 trades...more if I trade more.

My ego is not connected to the outcome of any of my trades. I'm trading a system with randomness installed as a feature, so I expect to win and lose.

This is the power of Systems Trading...

Building YOUR OWN trading system. 

No guessing what the market will do, no hoping for news to come out and save your trade. 

100% systematic.

The type of thing that you can model out a business around. 

If you're ready to stop tying your intelligence and confidence to the outcome of every trade, and build a professional trading business like the one I built here.

The Systems Mastery Course is exactly that. 

And by the way the system I built is the Curvy Trading System. (If you'd rather just get the system and be done with it, you can do that too).

Since making this original system, I've made a few improvements for higher win rates, swing trading and increasing my average win from 2R up over 5R!

And I used this exact framework that I outline in the Systems Mastery Course to build them. 

Whether you are swing trading options or crypto, or day trading futures, this system will get you dialed in and create a SOLID FOUNDATION for the rest of your trading career.

Wouldn't it be amazing to look back at the end of the year and see how far you've come by focusing on a consistent system...instead of struggling to survive in the market?

Here's what you get when you buy the Systems Mastery Course

Here's the full table of contents so you can see exactly what you will get.

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Chris M - California

Equities Trader at UK Based Hedge Fund

"Chris D’s Backtesting Mastery Course is an integral part of my trading development. Not only has this course given me a road map on how to build a system, it has also improved my discretionary trading. There are no trading silver bullets, holy grails, or shortcuts. However, if you are willing to put in the work that 99% of traders are not, you will greatly increase your probability of being one the 1% of consistently profitable traders. This course shows you how to do the work necessary for success."

Sam S - London

Derivatives Trader

"Chris Dover takes you on the journey from WHY you want to become a trader all the way to HOW to become a consistently profitable trader. Using his background as ex marine combined with over twenty years of trading in the markets, he shows you that hard work and discipline will bring you the results you want. He covers psychology, market environments, trade set ups together with risk management. He demonstrates that when all is said and done, traders trade their 'beliefs' about the market and therefore how important is to make sure those 'beliefs' are correct. He goes through step by step, how to manually backtest your beliefs/system and ensure that you have a positive expectancy. During the process you can expect to find insights in the market that you would never otherwise realise. Note that the process involves HARD work. If you are not up for the challenge of building a better life, financially and otherwise, for your family and yourself, don't bother with his course. If you are, then Chris can show you the path."

Steve - California

Fund Manager/Fixed Income Trader

"If you want to really trade any market, for any reason, you need to understand this approach, process, and mind set.  Best money I ever spent.  Thank you Chris" 


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