Systems Trading is Boring

Systems trading is by far the most boring way to trade

You know that you are either going to win or lose on the trade

You know how much you are going to earn or how much you are going to lose +/-

You know what time of day to review your setups

You know when you need to update your profit targets

You know when you are going to stop out of positions

You know how much money you will make that month

You know how much money you will make that year

You know when your system is broken and can turn it off

You know exactly how much money you need to use to achieve your financial goals

You know when you don’t have anything to do for the day

You know when you are going to be a bit extra busy (20 minutes instead of 10)


The only time it isn't boring is when you don't follow your systems rules, then there is no predictability and whatever the outcome you have no clue!

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