Systems Trading: One Trade Per Week

What would happen if you only allowed yourself 1 trade per week?

A thought experiment for you

Here’s the rules:

  • You have $100k account of my money
  • You can only do 1 round trip trade per week, but you don’t have to exit that week
  • You don’t have to do 1 trade per week
  • You can only risk 1%
  • You get to keep 90% of all profits

You can only trade the following assets:



Every time you close the month >1 penny higher than the previous month, I will increase your account by 10%

Any month that the balance ends less than $100,000, you have to pay me the difference to bring the account back to 100k

If you lose more than 5% in one month you are on 3 month probation, no live trading and we spend time together restructuring your system

There is no limit to how much money I will give you to trade with, if you follow these rules

What would you do differently than you are doing right now?

If you don't have a strategy that you know you could do just one trade per week and make money most every months, and your max drawdown is less than 5% in any given month, then you are gambling, not trading. 

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