The President Just Said Its Time to Buy Bitcoin

Mar 10, 2022

Let's summarize where we are in the world. 

Russia has invaded Ukraine and World War III is a daily concern. 

Germany decides to go from spending 47 Billion euros on defense in 2021 to spending 100 Billion euros in 2022 on February 27th, three days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Inflation is the highest it has been in 40+ years. 

Commodity prices are destroying traders and businesses on a daily basis. 

Two years into a Pandemic where the government printed record-breaking amounts of money!

The USA Banned Russian oil imports. 

NATO+ united on sanctions to Russia. 

Iran nuclear talks are stumbling due to Russia's demands "seeping guarantees on trade between Moscow and Tehran". AKA The Iran agreement won't happen any time soon. 

Potential radiation, nuclear plant disasters, or nuclear weapons in Russia/Ukraine war. 

Suffice it to say, POTUS (President of the United States) has a lot on his plate. 

And somehow he was able to issue an Executive Order on Cryptocurrencies today. 

Why today?

You would know this answer if you were part of The Lab.

On March 7th, Monday, I tweeted this.

The only option the Federal Reserve and US Treasury has is TRY to maintain status as the world reserve currency, is to print money, which is the biggest benefit of being the world reserve currency. 

Also, the ability to print money is one of the biggest reasons why World War 3 could happen. The only one who benefits from printing money is the printer, everyone else suffers.

None of this should be a surprise...

If you've been into crypto for any period of time, this shouldn't be news to you. 

If you are a student of history, this rhymes with examples dating back to ancient Greece. 

If you are a fan of Willian Strauss and Niel Howe's Fourth Turning, you could have predicted this outcome back in the year, 1945. 1865 or 1787, 1704, 1594, 1487, etc... 

If you are a reader of Ray Dalio's Principals For Dealing With The Changing World Order, then you know what to expect, so far it's right on. 

The signs have always been there, and again, it's no surprise. 

But the real edge here is timing. 

Being right eventually is an expensive way to go about preparing for it.

Timing is the critical part of all of this, when to stay in the game, and when to look for the exits. 

I tweeted this last night. 

By big daddy, I'm referring to Bitcoin...not myself 😂

 And then this a few minutes later.

And then, I went to sleep. 

Pure luck, or was it?

Ok, enough of that, Chris.

That's all fun stuff to think about, and tweet about, but you don't read these emails for a record of my tweeting, you are here for ALPHA! The same reason why some of the Lab members joined. For the early alpha, I share in The Lab.


I'm feeling generous today and want to invite you all to tomorrow's live Lab call 11:30am est. Where I will go over how I saw the BTC pump coming when to ape into layer ones and I will also be going over live markets answering questions for all attendees. This usually is exclusive to lab members.  Sign up below!

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Our long-term RiskOn/RiskOff is now in Risk-On mode, that is it's time to be long  Bitcoin. 

Entry-level was fired long last week at 44,775 (BTCUSD) and promptly pulled back.

Below you can see where I alerted the Lab Members of the trade today at around 42,000.

Statistically, this trade has about an 80% chance to hit target 1, 70% to target 2, and then slightly higher than 50% chance to hit target 3. 

Why Bitcoin and not some Web3 or a Layer One?

If the President of the United States is concerning himself with cryptocurrency policy during the middle of multiple global crises, that strikes me as important. The last time a completely new financial system was made was after World War 2. 

As the incumbent global reserve currency is threatened, I'm certain a crypto solution is on the table. 

Bitcoin is the most proven, most accepted, and most secure of all cryptocurrencies in existence.

At least for now.

This is the time to consider taking your Bitcoin off-exchange, holding your own private keys in cold storage, and running your own node. 

I'm not saying cash out all your accounts, buy Bitcoin then hide in a bunker.

There is still plenty of trading/investing opportunities out there in equities, commodities, altcoins, web3, startups, and FX. But you should have some portion of your money stored in Bitcoin safely, in case the steps that POTUS is taking turns into a similar event to what FDR did to gold in the 1930s. 

And there we have it, full on Charlie conspiracy meme. 

Also, if you are looking at $LUNA chomping at the bit to jump into this rocket ship at these levels, you should be in The Lab with us. 

In today's Livestream we covered everything (and more) that I talked about here with Bitcoin, also $ETH, $LUNA, $MATIC, $DOT, $ADA, $SOL, $BNB, our plan to start rolling back into other alts, and of course our Web 3 plan. 

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