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A couple of incredible things I've found this week

Feb 15, 2021

 While working with the guys at Macro Ops we borrowed an idea from Tim Ferris and his 5 bullet Friday's email format. The reason is because it is a great way to always be on the lookout for amazing things to share with people. I bet you can guess where this is going now. 

So let me start the FIRST of these types of emails with what I want you to have/do in order to be a better trader. These are like table stakes, buy/read/do these things.

Also if you leave me forever and buy absolutely everything offered by these people and never even wave hi to me in the all, I don't mind in the least. These links/recommendations are the best in the game and I won't be sad at all knowing that you are moving in the right direction with your trading and life.

These products might cost money and these may be affiliate links.

 Super Trader: Make Consistent Profits in Good and Bad Markets

This is one of the best books about trading in the business. Dr. Van Tharp is one of the...

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