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What Is Prop Trading?

Feb 15, 2021

I've been asked a bunch how to get into prop trading, so I made a Video




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Why Become A Prop Trader

Feb 15, 2021

First of all, I got great feedback on Grants email yesterday, so guess what Grant, you'll be writing some more stuff soon! He is however deep on building our database of Bear Volatile markets historically. 

Ok on to prop trading. 

First let me point you to a very extensive live stream I did on the subject about a month ago. I went DEEP. If you really want to dig in to why become a prop trader and have the time, check it out.

The first question I always get from people is, why would I prop trade, I can just trade my own account. This is what I'm going to focus on today. 

There are a couple of types of prop firms out there, ones that hire you for your background such as computer science, mathematics, physics, basically some very hard science/math skills that you can do very complex and innovative modeling that produce results. If you fall in to that category then it's just a negotiation with the firm of what your...

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Decision Point Time

Feb 15, 2021

First off, I got a buuuuunch of questions about yesterdays email regarding Prop Trading. Let me address some of them here then we'll get in to my thoughts on the market.

I used $100k example, but I think you can start with a prop firm for a couple thousand dollars. Or you could do $1 Million dollars too, I'm sure. Just wanted to make sure that you didn't instantly eliminate yourself because I said $100k.

Next, why wouldn't you just do a hedge fund? You certainly can but hedge funds are a lot more work with raising money, hiring attorneys, accountants, regulation, compliance, software, fund raising and it's as much about managing relationships with your investors (if not more) than just trading. You can continue to manage money even if you are losing money, and still charge a management fee.

With prop, you just trade. If you make money, you get more money. If you don't make money, you don't get more money, you lose it. 

So if you can make money, consistently, with lower risk,...

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How to get funded at a prop firm

Feb 15, 2021

We had another great week in the Trading Lab, making 9.8R total on closed trades, with two trades still pending. 

A bunch of traders in the lab are trying out for FTMO, 5%ers, Maverick, CitiTrading and Funding Talent prop firms. 

These firms have very strict requirements to get funding, and the requirements after funded are still challenging for most traders. 

We have built out a strategy to daytrade FX markets 1-3 trades per day, and this week we went 6/7 winners. 

Livestreams start at 1030AM New York Time and last until around 2pm, in addition to that we are getting in literal reps every hour, lunges, pushups, burpees, oh my!!!

Watch the summary here

Prop trading is amazing right now, there are a number of firms funding traders 6 figure and 7 figure accounts. And all you need to do is try out!

Simply meet the parameters, they fund you and you split the profits. 

Meeting the parameters is more challenging than it sounds. But we are doing it day in and...

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How To Get Funded In Prop

Feb 15, 2021

We've made some changes to the Trading Lab, we are live streaming every trading day and getting traders FUNDED at different prop firms.

In todays livestream we covered how to get funded at City Traders Imperium and banged out a plan on how to game their tryout using the FVBO strategy.

We are up about 12% in less than two weeks while day trading Futures and Forex.

It isn't glamorous or super dramatic, it's calm, methodical and easy to follow along. 

I snipped twenty minutes from today's live session as I went over a plan to beat the City Traders Imperium tryout, get funded and work your way up to trading $2 Million Dollars of their capital, with 50% profit split. 

Watch The Video

This tweet goes along with it so you have the links to the companies I reference in there too

See The Tweet

This should open your eyes to the amazing opportunities that prop trading has to offer, and how we are getting traders funded steadily in the lab.

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Major Market Rotation Again

Feb 15, 2021

Earlier this year I alerted everyone in the Trading Lab about a major pullback in the $NQ, we got positioned for this the last week of August. Some Lab members shorted for a handsome 8% profit, while others who were already long from April lows chose to hedge with puts, locking in a pretty epic run.  

This is not news generated, this isn't politics or anything that you mind find being thrown around on TV. And this certainly isn't something that permabears spew non-stop on Twitter. 

The thing that makes this setup so powerful is that it has an 81.8% win rate since 1999, with an average move of at least 8%. 

You know me I'm not a permabear and I rarely talk about equity markets selling off, but when I do, YOU SHOULD PAY ATTENTION!

An 8% down move on a levered market can be MASSIVE returns, the sort of returns that could double or triple an account if traded correctly. Using proper entry techniques that I talk about in the Consistently...

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