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Long Term and Short Term Regime Podcast

Feb 15, 2021

So excited to share with you two things. 

First, Spotify is sponsoring the Podcast!!!

Second, I'm podcasting again LOL.

This one is about market regimes (obviously) and long term investing strategies along with short term strategies that I use. And an idea of what's happening at Pollinate as we grow this new business. 

I would love it if you shared this email or the Tweet or the link to the Podcast on Spotify to some friends (or enemies maybe). 

It's also on all other podcasting platforms, just search for Market Gaggle on your favorite platform.

Love you all!

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Trading stories y2k, 9/11 and all that

Feb 15, 2021

Todays email only really points you to the podcast.

This podcast I go over trading back in 2000, my experiences. 

It isn't tactical but it is quite relevant, I feel, for what is happening today. 

Get it on Spotify who is a sponsor or any other podcast platform you listen on

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Or go to and find the one you use!

Let me know if you liked this episode or not and if you want more like this...or not

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Digging into crypto and stores of value

Feb 15, 2021

Just posted a new podcast episode going a bit deeper into crypto. 

Here's the links

Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts


I talk about Macro Strategy's $250 investment into Bitcoin, some price predictions and some nuances of stores of value. Article

I would love it if you shared this email to any of your friends or colleagues who you think would appreciate it, and also give this tweet a like and retweet to help me get the word out 

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Bull market rally and a Dem sweep

Feb 15, 2021

This week I spoke with Alex Barrow, the Chief Strategist and founder of Macro Ops, my former partners. 

In this podcast we talk about the Democrats sweeping the US Senate and the Presidency, the continuation of the bull market and a whole lot more. 

A nice long episode to consume this weekend! 




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Livestreams building strategies and live trading

Feb 15, 2021

We combined all episodes of the Market Gaggle podcast on to the website for your convenience here

I want to point out one of our best podcasts is when we have my Vol trading friend Darrin on, and if you don't already, follow him on Twitter @darjohn25

Here's his first Podcast 

And here's a link to his second appearance 

And of course, if you haven't yet listened to the episode with Alex Barrow from Macro Ops last week, here you go 

Basically if you want to not only sound freaking brilliant!!!! But also want to level up give those episodes a listen!

Next, I am cranking away on building the new course exclusive for Lab Members. If you aren't a Lab Member you won't have access, but you can always JOIN US in the lab! 

This week Lab members Kyle and Grant are live streaming their trading in the mornings, and in the afternoon they are leading everyone in building/backtesting strategies together. 

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