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Bitcoin Bottom Or Bear Rally

Aug 05, 2021

 (Originally sent to email list July 27, 2021)

First off, I want to disclose that i'm in the enviable position of being in crypto and Bitcoin since end of 2013 or so. Seeing Bitcoin trading above $1,000 is still pretty incredible, let along above $30k. Heck, less than a year ago it was barely back above $10k.

This perspective gives me a lot less worry than someone who's newer to crypto and maybe bought Bitcoin at $50k or ETH at $2400, so take my analysis as someone who's already done quite well whether it's trading at $30k or $60k. 

For me, crypto is a long term strategy, proven time and time again that patience is the best teammate to play with. 

Instead of hyperbolic headlines and meme's, my analysis is done the same way I analyze $NQ, Gold, $EURUSD and any other asset I trade. 

We got long Bitcoin back in August of 2020 and more importantly we stepped out of the way when our stop losses were hit on May 21 of 2021, leaving all the chaos and carnage to...

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Live Trading and Bitcoin 10,000

Feb 15, 2021

First of all I want to thank you for following along with my work, I've been trying to put out as much relevant content, that people have been asking for, as I can. 

This past month was a world wind for me, ending a 3 year(ish) stint as a nomad, traveling the world (with my wife), living in Airbnb's and trading. It took a number of years to convince my high powered litigator of a wife to give up the nice house, car, country club membership and all the *things* that she thought was important, to sell it all and travel the world in style. 

To be clear, we weren't private jetting nor were we staying in hostels or on some gracious hosts couch. We were in Aribnb's, the whole Airbnb not just a bedroom, and still working pretty much every day. So it wasn't a permanent vacation and it wasn't site seeing all day everyday, in fact as we were going through our photos from the last few years, we really didn't spend a whole lot of time visiting Instagram's best. 

It was our first...

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Digging into crypto and stores of value

Feb 15, 2021

Just posted a new podcast episode going a bit deeper into crypto. 

Here's the links

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I talk about Macro Strategy's $250 investment into Bitcoin, some price predictions and some nuances of stores of value. Article

I would love it if you shared this email to any of your friends or colleagues who you think would appreciate it, and also give this tweet a like and retweet to help me get the word out 

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Some deeper price action thoughts on BTC

Feb 15, 2021

This is a quick one, I'll do a separate major market regimes email. But for now I wanted to share this one with you about Bitcoin and crypto. 

This past week was mostly all about Crypto in the Trading Lab, we are positioned excellently in regular markets so this provides us a lot of space to work on other things, crypto is that. 

Quick TLDR;

Bitcoin is on the move, and these are the levels I'm looking at:

14,500/15,500 is imminent

37,000 is the measured move up when we break above 20k again

Then 36k, 64k and 100k

I believe that $200k and even $1M is a very distinct possibility

These are historical times we are living in, and we are experiencing the conditions that make a move like that in Bitcoin play out. I will be sharing more of my detailed thoughts in the coming weeks. 

Here's my latest YouTube video about my price action analysis on Bitcoin

If you've been following my work for any time now, you know I'm pretty serious when it comes to trading. I'm...

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Bitcoin the dollar and compounding

Feb 15, 2021

In case you spent today hidden under a rock, you are probably well aware that PayPal announced that they will start offering payments in Bitcoin on their platform...finally. 

You are also well aware that Bitcoin is up about 10% on that news today. 

I put a Tweet out last week and resent it this week, showing where our next level measured moves are on Bitcoin, BEFORE we hit the new highs of around $26k. (Like and Share the Tweet please!)

I still expect Bitcoin to make 6-7 figure's, so No, it's isn't too late to have some exposure to the asset.

The big stories outside of Bitcoin is $NQ holding up after a troll move below last weeks low and the Dollar breaking down.


If you've followed me for any period of time you know that one of my best techniques is to catch a trend and wait for the best looking counter trend move to setup...then fail! 

It's the best because everyone is always looking to short the top...

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Bitcoin price analysis

Feb 15, 2021

I hope you've found these videos I've been doing this week are useful, I've enjoyed doing them. 

If you have anything you want me to cover in video, comment below the video in the comment sections.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

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