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A couple of incredible things I've found this week

Feb 15, 2021

 While working with the guys at Macro Ops we borrowed an idea from Tim Ferris and his 5 bullet Friday's email format. The reason is because it is a great way to always be on the lookout for amazing things to share with people. I bet you can guess where this is going now. 

So let me start the FIRST of these types of emails with what I want you to have/do in order to be a better trader. These are like table stakes, buy/read/do these things.

Also if you leave me forever and buy absolutely everything offered by these people and never even wave hi to me in the all, I don't mind in the least. These links/recommendations are the best in the game and I won't be sad at all knowing that you are moving in the right direction with your trading and life.

These products might cost money and these may be affiliate links.

 Super Trader: Make Consistent Profits in Good and Bad Markets

This is one of the best books about trading in the business. Dr. Van Tharp is one of the...

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Market Regime Characteristics

Feb 15, 2021

Earlier this week I wrote about trading the different Market Regimes based off of the SQN Indicator. To be clear, there are a number of ways to go about categorizing Market Regimes, and the SQN is just one of them. 

Being able to categorize a market by regime is extremely useful, but without knowing the characteristics of the regimes (and how to exploit them for profit) is where the real power is.

Let's look at a couple of different ways to categorize market regimes. 

Macro Economics - this is probably the most quoted and talked about in business news, think interest rates, unemployment, growing GDP, PMI's, etc.. You will find no shortage of market categorization and predictions from this regime. 

Low Volatility/High Volatility/Trending/Mean Reversion - One of my favorite and most useful ways to categorize a market regime. This can be done using indicators like SQN and ATR (which I've written about before). These are derived from the actual price...

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Fbo and VBO 2.0 for students

Feb 15, 2021

I've been talking about the new VBO2.0 Strategy a bit lately, and I wanted to get it out to those of you who have purchased the Consistently Profitable Trader Course or the Systems Mastery Course!

I've only given this out to you all and the members of the Trading Lab

I hope you enjoy it

For Consistently Profitable Trader Students, click here for the link to yours

For Systems Mastery Students, click here for the link to yours

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Todays Lab Livestream

Feb 15, 2021

Today we went deep on what it takes to successfully make 2R per month. It's really not that hard to do, but most traders can't consistently make just 2R per month. 

Making 2R per month is not the end game, but it is the beginning. Because once you unlock the keys to consistently earning 2R per month you can make 3R, 4R even 5R a month. 

That might not sound like a lot because you always hear stories about people making millions of dollars a day trading. But the real game is being consistent and showing up everyday. 

Here's some math on what 2R per month can actually provide. 

On a $10,000 account, 2R per month at 2% risk makes you $6k in profits in twelve months. I believe this is why most traders don't stick to a solid and simple system, $6k of profit doesn't sound like a lot, 60% profits makes it sound a little better, but most traders will abandon this 2R plan a month or two in. 

Let's look at what 2R a month compounded over 10 years earns.

In 10 years 2R...

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Q and A for the Trading Lab

Feb 15, 2021

Things have finally fallen in to shape for the Trading Lab. 

I've updated the Q&A for the Trading Lab below and also updated it on the website. 

We will be live again Monday morning at 10:30AM New York time, get signed up and ready to crush the upcoming trading week ASAP


What Is The Trading Lab?

The Trading Lab is a place for experienced fully funded prop traders and aspiring prop traders to work together, as a team, to make consistent returns day and swing trading the markets.

What Is Prop Trading?

Prop trading (proprietary trading) is when an individual trader trades capital for a trading firm. There are numerous prop firms and programs that exist today which offer amazing opportunities to traders who can successfully manage risk and earn consistent profits.

What Markets Do We Trade?

In the Trading Lab we focus on trading Forex, Futures, Equities and Crypto. 

What Should I Expect In The Lab?

The Lab is a private Slack Channel where all lab...

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Getting tired of this???

Feb 15, 2021

It's Cyber Monday, this is what we do! I will tone the frequency down after today!

Been getting a LOT of questions/replies to these emails, I'm not going to give up on you all. 

Up to the challenge!


Only a few more hours left, and prices double again back to normal.

Many of these questions have been answered in the emails over the last year. I realize not all of you subscribed on New Years Eve 2019 LOL, and even if you did you probably haven't read each and every email. 

No matter how amazing they might've been (questionable!).


But that means you've also missed a lot of the nuance and details that I get asked about so much. 


I will be going back and grabbing a bunch of emails from the past year that aren't time relevant, but more informative on things like price action and Market Regime oriented and putting them together in a book. 

There will likely be some holes or gaps, here and there, so I will do my best...

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