Bitcoin the dollar and compounding

crypto strategy Feb 15, 2021

In case you spent today hidden under a rock, you are probably well aware that PayPal announced that they will start offering payments in Bitcoin on their platform...finally. 

You are also well aware that Bitcoin is up about 10% on that news today. 

I put a Tweet out last week and resent it this week, showing where our next level measured moves are on Bitcoin, BEFORE we hit the new highs of around $26k. (Like and Share the Tweet please!)

I still expect Bitcoin to make 6-7 figure's, so No, it's isn't too late to have some exposure to the asset.

The big stories outside of Bitcoin is $NQ holding up after a troll move below last weeks low and the Dollar breaking down.


If you've followed me for any period of time you know that one of my best techniques is to catch a trend and wait for the best looking counter trend move to setup...then fail! 

It's the best because everyone is always looking to short the top of buy the absolute bottom tick. However it's almost as if we are cheating in Equity indexes, they are incentivized (remember the first tweet in the thread I shared above) to go higher. Sure it may drop, sure it may dump, but it always recovers...eventually. 

At this point so many perma-bears and middle skilled traders have been loading up on shorts, drooling at the chance to FINALLY be right. So it won't take much to take them out, even if we don't rip to 20k any time soon, it'll continue to be death by a thousand cuts for the bears, that's the way the indexes are built. 

Next up the Dollar


Back to my favorite monthly chart of the $DXY, that I love sharing for context. Now everyone is talking about the dollar dumping, losing it's reserve currency status, and blowing up the entire financial system. 

Nope, even if the DXY drops into the 70's, it won't be the first time, and likely won't be the last.

If Republicans AND Democrats realized that we were in a poor position with all manufacturing for critical goods is shipped overseas, that's a great thing when times are good. But COVID really shined a light on the fact that the US needs to bring manufacturing of critical goods back to the states, like masks and pharmaceuticals. Not to mention semi conductor chips, and everything else. 

In order to make the prices reasonable for the rest of the world and the US to be a manufacturer and exporter again, the dollar needs to be a lot weaker. This strengthens the other currencies thus allowing people to buy, what would other wise be very high priced goods. 

Lowering the value of the dollar, AKA printing Trillions of Dollars accomplishes that, and by the way, is what Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Mnuchin are talking about everyday. 

The big trade will be the rebalancing of all global currencies that will likely last for the remainder of the decade.

Finally, I haven't put out a video for a while. Here I break down how to get consistent at trading and trade for the very long term. This one is only a bit more than 10 minutes, Like it and Share it if you think it was helpful

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Love you all!

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