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market regime Feb 15, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving, or Happy Thursday if you aren't in the United States!

In Yesterday's email I talked about how difficult it is to get in to breakout trades that trend for a very long time vs failed breakout trading. 

This must have hit a nerve, because I got a BUUUNCH of email replies and DM's about it. 

"Hey Chris, whoa, this hit me like a ton of bricks

I keep taking breakout after breakout and losing over and over, then it's like the market knows and soon as I don't take the trade it rips my face off and runs away from me...

I have to redo everything I thought I was taught about trading"


"What Up Chris!

I want to thank you for your emails lately, the things you share in these emails are better than anything I pay for.

I just canceled a couple of other newsletter subscriptions.

I see you posting about the FVBO strategy and failed breakouts but I don't know how you know when a breakout is going to fail or not. Does the market regime matter here, you didn't mention that and you always do."

That's my bad

As you know I am a big proponent of Market Regimes

In neutral markets, failed breakouts PRINT MONEY. They also make a killing in other market regimes if done correctly. 

The thing about trading is, there's so much you can get caught up in and focus on, not realizing that most of it isn't worth focusing on. 

There are only a handful of really important details to be freaking EPIC at. Knowing what that is, well that's the journey.

If you learn nothing else from me, know this. 

Categorizing market regimes and matching the appropriate strategy to that Market Regime will change the trading game for you. 

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