Building a new trading strategy in the lab

strategy Feb 15, 2021

It has been about two weeks since we opened the Trading Lab and things are moving right along. 

We've done live Zoom sessions, have been putting out trade signals in real time and I thought I'd share what we are up to now. 

The reason we started the lab was to have a place where other traders could collaborate with other traders on trading ideas, strategies, share backtests, and work on improving each others trading. 

This week we started putting together our own strategy and I thought I would share with you all what we are working on so you can get an idea of just how incredible having a team like this really is. 

The first phase is to ideate about the result you are after. 

And this is the key part, focus on the result, what you are solving for, and don't get caught up in the how. 

A result example:

"A strategy to manage my 401k/IRA/Retirement/long-term savings that outperforms the S&P500 with low involvement and avoids short term capital gains taxes due to trading more than once per month."

Another example:

"A strategy to take a small account to a larger account rapidly"

Here's a look at some of the strategies we are voting on. 

We have a bunch of good ideas in there that everyone is coming up with. Now we are putting them to a vote to figure out which strategy we will collaborate on. 

Once we've decided on what to work on, we'll all get to work on building it. 

This past week in the Pollinate Trading Lab:

  • We had a Zoom call for everyone in the group going over the upcoming earnings season so that we have a plan. 
  • We've had 4 trade signals (2 FX, 1 Equity and 1 Futures trade)
  • We collaborated on building out a new strategy, putting our combined skills together on the process

This is what a typical week will look like!

A few of our members are trying out for a Prop Trading firm and decided to work together on building their own strategy around the rules of the tryout. This is what the lab is all about, working together with other like minded traders to solve problems!

In addition, I will be having Zoom calls with each individual member to make sure the Lab is truly a team effort. 

It isn't too late to join us, you can join us at any time. The Pollinate Trading Lab

And remember, if you have purchased any of the courses, your monthly membership fee is 1/2 price for life! 


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