Bull quiet market regimes and EURUSD Trade

bull markets market regime video Feb 15, 2021

I got a buuunch of great feedback from the video yesterday so I will keep cranking them out. Todays we cover the Bull Quiet regime, as it currently sits with $NQ

Watch Bull Quiet Video

On another note, the traders in the Trading Lab nailed that FVBO long on $EURUSD overnight

There aren't a lot of good trades to be had since we called the Aug/September highs and got short, took profits on longs, or hedged. 

Once the election is over, and things are starting to become more clear on Monetary and Fiscal policy for the next 4 years or so, the markets will become useful again. For now, too little reward, for too much risk. 

In the lab today, we broke down the last 16 years of elections setups and outcomes 

2004 Neutral Regime - face rip rally the next few weeks
2008 Bear Quiet - 25% selloff in Global Financial Crisis
2012 Bull quiet - Face ripping rally for 3 more years
2016 Neutral Regime - face ripping rally to today

2020 - TBD!

If you are spending your time guessing on markets only to get punched in the face day after day, you should join us in the Trading Lab


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