Compressed vol is everywhere

fvbo fx overview vbo Feb 15, 2021

When I decided to do the Trading Thunderdome in July I knew we had a huge demand for traders that were looking forward to joiningwas surprised to find out that there were so many traders who were ready to pay the steep fee to join, but weren't ready to go yet. That is, they still had a lot of work to do to benefit and contribute before being able to join the Thunderdome.  

Rather than take their money and run them through it anyway. I started thinking of how I could help more people get to a place in their trading that they would be in a position to benefit from the Thunderdome.  

To all who signed up and paid for the Thunderdome, my apologies, we will be postponing the Thunderdome. I will be giving you a refund.  

Now we need to focus on making traders better, before the Thunderdome. I have some ways that I am looking at making that happen, in a way that is affordable and effective.  

Stay tuned...  

Ok on to markets.  

Of the 28 FX pairs that I trade, most are in a compressed volatility setup. That is using the FVBO/VBO framework we can see that it is time to start paying attention, soon we will have a bunch of trades



It's no secret that FX markets are so highly correlated to each other, but if you didn't know that before, seeing all of these charts under the perspective of the FVBO/VBO does help drive the point home.   

If you've taken the Consistently Profitable Trader course or the Systems Mastery course then you have a very thorough understanding of this strategy and what to expect.  

On to the Nasdaq Futures. After all the bear porn flooding the TV and Twitterz about the market top, we seem to be doing what the market does best in this market regime. Just completely obliterate perma-bears! 

Like clockwork the selloff fails, and the markets start printing bullish patterns...again. Like clockwork, I add to my long position, using "the markets money" and raise my stop on half. Keeping with that compressed vol discussion on FX, Nasdaq is enjoying a quiet low vol uptrend!  

For all that think the only way to make really good money in markets is in high volatility markets, are obviously missing out!  

Finally I've been talking a lot about the Monthly Macro ETF Strategy and I thought I'd share the current holdings with you all.  QQQ, TLT, TLH, GLD, XLI, EWA, EWQ, EWP, EWW, XLE, EWU   Except for GLD, every one of these holdings pays dividends. This is a very long term strategy, holding positions for years.      

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