Giving You A Trading Strategy For Black Friday

strategy systems trading Feb 15, 2021

Let's get right into it  

Yes it's Black Friday and yes we have 50% off deals for you  


Even if you aren't taking advantage of these deals and you only subscribe to the emails, I value you!  

I'm giving you one of my trading strategies, even if you aren't taking advantage of the Black Friday deals.  

This strategy is exactly what you'd be able to build yourself if you owned the Systems Mastery Course and implemented the techniques from the Consistently Profitable Trader course.  

There are members of the Trading Lab who have built equally good strategies and shared them with other members of the lab.  

The lab is a Journeyman/Apprentice model. That means if you are struggling through becoming consistently profitable in your own trading, there are more experienced, successful traders in there to mentor you and help you get profitable.  

And one of the best ways to have real knowledge about a subject, is to teach it. When you become proficient enough, it is a superpower to then mentor someone else.  

Finding a strategy that is consistent, reliable, proven and easy to learn is a big problem. Many traders never even get to the point of actually trading a single strategy.  

If your goal is to earn a living, build a revenue stream that replaces your full time job, or build long term wealth, you need a strategy.  

To be a successful trader, over the long term, and not just get lucky from time to time, you need a system.  

Having a system that is:  

Predictable. You know you have a trade coming up or you don’t.      

Repeatable. You need to take enough trades in order to reduce risk. By taking many trades over time you don’t have to bet everything on one trade.  

Scalable. As you become successful the strategy needs to be able to trade big enough size, and different tickers.  

I want you to have a fully tested, robust, simple to implement trading strategy.  

You won’t be charged for this. It is absolutely free for subscribers.  

Since it is Thanksgiving weekend, I got nostalgic about this strategy. It was built one Thanksgiving weekend where I spent 4, 8 hour days manually backtesting 100’s of trades to build this strategy.  

I’ve traded this strategy in live markets, from Forex to Crypto, to Equities and it works on most time frames and most assets.  

You’ll also see why I don’t trade the Swiss franc.  

Included will be:

  • The overview of the system
  • A backtest spreadsheet with all the trades and data
  • A video going over the strategy

I’m spending the rest of the weekend putting this all together.  

You will get the strategy via email as I get it put together, as it's completed. So check these emails over the weekend to get the full system.    

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