How to get funded at a prop firm

prop trading video Feb 15, 2021

We had another great week in the Trading Lab, making 9.8R total on closed trades, with two trades still pending. 

A bunch of traders in the lab are trying out for FTMO, 5%ers, Maverick, CitiTrading and Funding Talent prop firms. 

These firms have very strict requirements to get funding, and the requirements after funded are still challenging for most traders. 

We have built out a strategy to daytrade FX markets 1-3 trades per day, and this week we went 6/7 winners. 

Livestreams start at 1030AM New York Time and last until around 2pm, in addition to that we are getting in literal reps every hour, lunges, pushups, burpees, oh my!!!

Watch the summary here

Prop trading is amazing right now, there are a number of firms funding traders 6 figure and 7 figure accounts. And all you need to do is try out!

Simply meet the parameters, they fund you and you split the profits. 

Meeting the parameters is more challenging than it sounds. But we are doing it day in and day out in the Trading Lab. If you want to become a fully funded prop trader, join us in the TRADING LAB

A quick note on markets. Equity Market indices are in Bull Quiet Market Regime, focus on long only strategies, buy any weakness and hold on.

Forex markets have a lot of unknown on the longer time frames, but intraday trading is 🤘

The Crypto markets are a tale of two markets. Typically Bitcoin rallies all week, then dips into/over the weekend. Then when CME Futures BTC opens for trading again BTC spot is magically near Friday's CME Futures close. If you have spot BTC account, like at Coinbase, Kraken, Blockfi or any other exchange where you can trade 24/7, buying any weekend panics has been excellent for returns. 

As far as alt's go ETH and LTC have been doing excellent, low risk, high return, steady climbs. Some of the smaller names like OMG have been on the radar lately too. 


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