How To Get Funded In Prop

prop trading video Feb 15, 2021

We've made some changes to the Trading Lab, we are live streaming every trading day and getting traders FUNDED at different prop firms.

In todays livestream we covered how to get funded at City Traders Imperium and banged out a plan on how to game their tryout using the FVBO strategy.

We are up about 12% in less than two weeks while day trading Futures and Forex.

It isn't glamorous or super dramatic, it's calm, methodical and easy to follow along. 

I snipped twenty minutes from today's live session as I went over a plan to beat the City Traders Imperium tryout, get funded and work your way up to trading $2 Million Dollars of their capital, with 50% profit split. 

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This tweet goes along with it so you have the links to the companies I reference in there too

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This should open your eyes to the amazing opportunities that prop trading has to offer, and how we are getting traders funded steadily in the lab.

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