Metals on the move and in bull quiet

bull markets overview Feb 15, 2021

I've been getting hit up by a bunch of people about this breakout in metals. 

To be clear, we are in a bull quiet market in metals

Gold has been doing quite well since it cooled off from it's move into Bull Volatile last fall (US time), shown by the blue histogram. Recall that this is a requirement for a major top, it doesn't mean it is a major top, but you don't have a major top without one. 


And when I get asked if I think this is the top and how could I even consider getting long at such high levels, I usually respond with "I can see the future" or something like that. But really it's just that there is no Bull Volatile regime in place yet, so sitting long is easy.

Then we get the next question...

"OMG Silver is up 20% in about a week, this is a blow off top!"

To me, it seems we just flipped into Bull Quiet on a breakout. So though we might not go a lot higher from here we just entered Bull Quiet and we'd need a Bull Volatile regime to show up before we topped, so the good money is to be long. 

Same for Copper

Ok so all the easy ones are out of the way, let's see what's happening in Platinum

And Palladium

The breakout is there, but it isn't as obvious, in fact they look like great FVBO's which we are NOT taking because some new strategies that we've been working on in the Lab are indicating that we are looking for a long term up trend in the metals generally. 

This is how we are positioned in the Trading Lab since last Wednesday when we launched live trading alerts.

And finally, Bitcoin. 

The alts have been on fire lately while BTC had just banged around the 9000-9200 level

Bull Quiet, compressed vol, VERY COMPRESSED VOL and signs of life, I expect if nothing else, volatility to start kicking up soon

Happy trading!



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