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education strategy systems trading Feb 15, 2021

Things have finally fallen in to shape for the Trading Lab. 

I've updated the Q&A for the Trading Lab below and also updated it on the website. 

We will be live again Monday morning at 10:30AM New York time, get signed up and ready to crush the upcoming trading week ASAP


What Is The Trading Lab?

The Trading Lab is a place for experienced fully funded prop traders and aspiring prop traders to work together, as a team, to make consistent returns day and swing trading the markets.

What Is Prop Trading?

Prop trading (proprietary trading) is when an individual trader trades capital for a trading firm. There are numerous prop firms and programs that exist today which offer amazing opportunities to traders who can successfully manage risk and earn consistent profits.

What Markets Do We Trade?

In the Trading Lab we focus on trading Forex, Futures, Equities and Crypto. 

What Should I Expect In The Lab?

The Lab is a private Slack Channel where all lab members collaborate with each other. The Lab is designed to be a  Journeyman/Apprentice model where experienced traders mentor newer traders on the strategies, markets and different techniques to manage risk, earn, and get fully funded at a prop firm.

There is also a livestream during most trading days where we call out live trades and cover the markets in real time. 

You might get into better physical shape too! Every hour on the half hour we get up from our desks and get a little exercise, It's a fun way to work towards optimal performance and build camaraderie as a team!

Additionally we have numerous recordings of previous coaching and training sessions exclusively available to lab members. 

And most importantly we collaborate on manual backtesting of strategies.

Why Do We Manually Backtest Trades?

Most traders have been conditioned poorly to trade markets. Entering late in trends, chasing low probability trades, not entering and exiting properly, reacting to news or just flat out gambling. 

The process of manually backtesting is actually REWIRING YOU MIND, RETRAINING YOUR BRAIN to see trades where there is actual edge and predictable, repeatable opportunities to exploit. 

Just like any professional athlete, they practice at least 4 times as much as they actually compete. Most traders lose money, and most traders don't practice. Manual Backtesting is the same as practice, you are practicing identifying regime, identifying the setup, placing your entry in a probability method and letting the trade play out and collecting excellent and detailed data which can later be sliced and diced to inform you the trader on just how viable opportunities might or might not be. 

How Do I Get Funded At A Prop Firm?

In the lab, we are focused on the various prop firms that offer "Try Outs". That is they allow you to sign up for a fee and you either "paper trade" or trade a small "live" trading account. Some offer training along with the process, others just drop you into live trading. There is no one right way to do it, each prop firm has their own methods. 

While each firm is different they typically have similar trading requirements. 

  • Minimum Number Of Trades
  • Minimum Number Of Trading Days
  • Risk Parameters
  • Profit Targets

Some firms don't allow you to hold over the weekend, some are only day trading, some are only Forex, Futures or Stocks, some will give you Millions of Dollars others may cap you out at $100k. 

We develop strategies that are built to successfully complete a "try out". They don't work 100% of the time, as occasionally market conditions are out of whack, and that is to be expected from time to time.

The biggest challenge traders will face is being disciplined with the process and not chasing news etc... This is why you have access to everyone in the lab and fellow traders all over the world to help you stay focused to the process. 

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