Shelter At Home Pandemic

pandemic Feb 15, 2021

Today I'm going to do something a lot different than I have recently, this post is not going to be about markets. 

A lot of people have been reaching out to me this past week about how to deal with the Corona Virus pandemic.

I have spent a large portion of my life as a corporate security consultant advising multi-national companies with very large and spread out global staff and assets.

I was VP and Director of Security for numerous large organizations in good and bad places around the world.

I protected very high level diplomats, heads of state, government officials, high net worth families and generally people who had a lot of reason to be concerned for their security, safety with very high risk repercussions.

In addition to trading over the years, Emergency and Disaster planning has been a large part of my professional life.

All of that is not to give you my quick resume, but to give you reason to trust what I share in this video so you can put it to work with your family and team.

Additionally if you do need crisis management, planning or advice reach out.

I put together two videos about how to be prepared for prolonged times of being stuck at home, quarantined or "social distancing", what are priorities and how to deal with it all. I wanted a way to share it out with friends and family who otherwise might be stockpiling toilet paper and not doing the appropriate measure for themselves. 

It has very little, tactically, to do with trading but the mindset is the same. If nothing else I hope it's useful to get you and your families properly prepared. 

Yesterday I shared my backtesting template, I hope it was useful to you all. I got a lot of feedback and questions on it, yeah I will clean it up and organize it a bit more for ya. 

But if you'd rather just learn how to do it all on your own and not get confused by bits and pieces you can still get access to the Backtesting Mastery course for half price and then you can show me what good trading really is about 🙌


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