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One Of The Best Traders I Know

Uncategorized Nov 21, 2019

One of the best traders I know:

Smokes weed all day and takes Modafanil

Uses Tradingview and Excel to do all his trades on Interactive Brokers

Walks for 2-4 hours /day listening to Audible/Podcasts

Sleeps >8 hours /day

Lives in a 1 bedroom basement apartment in San Francisco

I've seen him make >$1M in 1 day


All of that sounds weird to most people, but he is more focused than anyone I know. We constantly discuss morning routines, types of meditation, breath work, workouts, books we are reading. Everything is an experiment until he finds success with an idea, then he goes very deep on that idea, fanatically.

The stack of ideas that he has tested is massive. The stack of ideas that have been proven successful are few. But of those few, they have been impressive in the results they bring.

Let's focus on trading ideas that work: Statistical advantages Price Action setups

Now let's look at what ideas are in the pile of garbage: News based strategies/analysis

Everything else: Meh

Dude only travels in private jets and penthouse hotel suites when he travels.

He won't spend a penny more than the minimum he can on his housing or meals when he's at home

I'm lucky that I get to work with this guy all day everyday

A mentee and a mentor in many ways

At the moment I've taken to considering him a modern day Samurai Warrior

Carry on


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