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Feb 15, 2021

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What is the Trading Lab?

The lab is a place for traders to meet up virtually and help each other out. Trading is a lonely business, I've been doing it for 21 years now, I definitely know how isolating it is. 

Back when I first started trading, I was lucky enough to join a prop firm with a trading floor. The experience of being in a room with a bunch of other traders analyzing, making real time decisions, sharing information with each other, iterating on ideas, white boarding trades and getting drinks together after the close. I made some great friends, we had some wild times, and every day was like drinking information from a fire hose. 

For a new trader in the business, this was about as good as I could've asked for. Considering I just left the Marine Corps, without an Ivy League degree (with a degree at all for that matter).

Eventually the firm was purchased by Spear Leeds and Kellog (SLK) and that whole not having a degree didn't work in my favor when the new owners showed up. Actually they were just buying the software, they let all of the traders go. 

From there, I was on my own, and have been a remote individual trader in one fashion or another ever since. As a trader and Portfolio Manager at a fund, when I returned back to Prop trading and just running my own money. 

Not having a requirement to be in any location I spent well over 10 years living abroad and trading. 

The thing I always missed was being connected to other traders, so I would naturally network online in different trading forums and try to build out a bit of a community. But these groups never could replicate what I was really looking for. 

So I built it myself. 

That's what the Trading Lab is all about. I wanted to have a private group of like minded traders, traders at Hedge Funds, Prop Traders, Analysts, PM's and Individual traders bouncing ideas off of each other, calling out different trades, building new strategies together, just looking to help each other out.

Since launching, traders have built out a couple of different trading strategies. Like the pre-market FX scalping system on 3 minute charts. A couple of prop traders have built a couple of swing trading systems and of course we are always trading the FVBO/VBO/VBO2 system and one prop trader has abandoned everything to trade VBO2 exclusively. 

Since July 15th, we've been calling out and tracking our live trades, up over 40%

If you are looking to up your network and work with a great bunch of traders, then lock in this price today.

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