This weeks Trading Lab livestream October 29, 2020

systems trading video Oct 29, 2020

Rather than my weekly newsletter talking about what's happening, I decided to share todays LiveStream in the Trading Lab

In the Trading Lab we do multiple live stream market reviews, talk through markets, theories, setups and Q&A's. 

This is todays session.

In addition to this type of content, we interact 24/7 in our private Slack group, working with each other on different systems, market analysis and at this point, keeping people from making bad trades until things clear up a bit.

For Example, Kyle and Grant, two lab members have built a new daytrading strategy for the FX market, that is built to the requirements that multiple prop trading firms have for trying out. Another member Abhay, has also coded their strategy up in TradingView and they are having some great results with it. 

Check this out on GBP.

It's not just me in there sharing my ideas and trades, this group is packed full of real prop traders, hedge fund traders, family offices. Real professional traders with real skin in the game.

If you find yourself lost about trading, if you find trading lonely and the only other option out there are crappy groups who just tell you a buy or sell signal, without actually LEARNING how to trade.

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