Trading Lab Live Q&A session

strategy Feb 15, 2021

I've been getting a bunch of questions of what to expect in the Trading Lab and what the Systems Mastery and Consistently Profitable Trader Course is all about.

So I recorded a portion of todays session in the livestream (usually 4 hours long) doing some Q & A with lab members. 


We talk about when to exit trades

Types of trades

And watch us adjust our live trades

That should give you a good idea of what to expect in the livestream. 

As far as trading went today, we've been long Bitcoin for a while, so today was fun for that. But more importantly here's what other trades we've been in. 

For our End of Day strategy trading the VBO setup, we are still long $NZDCAD with a trail stop after entering back on November 15th .

We took a -1R stop loss on $AUDCAD today on hour 1 hour trades. They all can't AND WON'T be winners. 

We also made 100 points on $NQ while doubling and quadrupling our position size as the trade moved into our favor, over and over! It hit our trail stop, showing a pretty good example of how to adjust stops, which we covered in the video.  

Broken down into R multiples: +3r first entry +4R second entry, +2R third entry

This is a pretty diverse universe of strategies, from price action, to systematic day trading and end of day trading. 

That would be the best representation of what to expect in the Trading Lab and a great showcase of using the Systems Mastery Course and Consistently Profitable Trader Course.

Cyber Monday ends in a few hours, if you are looking to take total control of your trading you should watch the video and see what it's all about!


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