Bull Market in Oil?

Nov 22, 2022

In this weeks Weekly Market Overview we looked at the $NQ/$QQQ (Nasdaq) and the potential for a potential move higher over the coming weeks/months. 

In the Trading Lab we've already gotten long $SPY (S&P 500) via DEC 2024 calls which are comfortably in the money. 

Today we have the the makings for a potential long campaign in $NQ. 

These long campaigns tend to go further and last longer than anyone expects, that's what makes them so good. 

At the core they are built around complete disbelief. 

Disbelief that the market can go higher, when everyone is max pessimist. 

And when (if) the market does start to move higher, you have max disbelief that it can go any higher. 

No one wants to buy because everyone remembers the last time they bought when they thought it was going to break out higher, only to buy the top and watch it fall straight down. 

And everyone sits on the sidelines watching as it moves higher, in total disbelief. 

By the time you finally feel comfortable pulling the trigger and getting long you are convinced that it will never stop going up is exactly at the parabolic top.

This is when FOMO is at its peak, and when you have the most confidence that the next mega bull market is just beginning. 

But reality is, you bought the top. 

It happens every time, like clock work. 

So how do you play it then?

By far the best method we've been able to tackle this, from a swing trading perspective, is to wait for the best looking sell setups to fail. 

Right now, today, $NQ is setting up for that very move.

And also where my real focus is right now, on Crude oil. 

For those that know, we have a very solid Curvy setup on Crude Oil today. 

We got long today in the Trading Lab and expect to see 97, 103 and even potentially moves above 200. 

Curvy trading this month, in the Trading Lab remains consistent...as it should be. 

As of this writing we are up nearly +30R, or +5.95% so far (risking only 0.25% per trade).

The Curvy trading system changed everything for me. By far the most consistent and simple to trade, trading system that I've ever built or traded. 

Since I started trading this system live in October, this is the equity curve.

The thing about this system, it is consistent. 

Not consistent in that it wins on every trade, that's one of the worst metrics for a good trading system by the way. 

Consistent in that as long as you take every trade, over and over, you keep growing the account. 


The Curvy trading system is 50% off right now, for Black Friday. 

As is EVERYTHING, the Trading Lab, Swing Beast, Equity Earnings System and the Systems Mastery Course. 

Black Friday 50% Off

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