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Nomadic Trader: A Day In The Life

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2019

Trading for a living is a very glamorous lifestyle, from the outside.

Working from anywhere with an internet connection.

No boss to answer to.

No dress code.

Buying and selling at a moments notice.

Staring at all those beautiful charts on big monitors.

Reading news voraciously.

Discussing global issues over martini’s with world leaders in Davos.

All those things can be true, but the real day to day of a trader is more about doing less, eliminating the noise, finding where your advantage is and exploiting that advantage to its greatest effect…at least for me!

The real life of this trader is actually a pretty enjoyable life. I’ve developed habits that help me eliminates much of the clutter, the drama and noise and let’s me focus on exploiting those beautiful trade setups that I just sit back and wait to show up.

Warren Buffet talks about waiting for the perfect pitch. He considers himself a batter at the plate and each investment idea he see’s is a...

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