Are we trending or breaking out in markets

fbo strategy vbo Feb 15, 2021

Leveling up in trading is hard to do. Mostly because the right things to be focusing on aren't that obvious. You would think that just finding a good trend and riding it to the very end, from the very beginning is all you have to do. Sound simple enough, right?

Except markets launch breakouts which FAIL 80% of the time, only 20% of the time do markets actually breakout and trend. So if you are always chasing breakouts, 80% of the time you will be getting stopped out.

This is what creates trading ranges, breakout traders jump in on the first breakout attempt only to have the trade turn around on you and drop back down into the trading range. 

What looks like a trading range is actually numerous attempts to breakout from the trading range.

Notice how many spikes above the range show a big reversal candle, with a big spike shadow/wick on the candlestick.

Here's a closer look

Since late August of this year the EURUSD has been breaking out above the trading range beautifully, only to reverse the next day and drop back in to the trading range. In fact today we have another one of those beautiful breakouts

You'll also notice that it's made just as many solid breakouts below the range, again only to reverse and drop back into the range. 

The old saying of higher highs and higher lows signal a trend up, and lower highs lower lows signals a trend down, doesn't apply in a range bound market. 

Here's the thing, eeeeeveryone is chasing these breakouts that trend, but the vast majority of the time, they bang around a range, convincing traders that they are breaking out, with a new higher high and lower low, only to reverse on them yet again. 

Day after day, week after week, failed breakout after failed breakout, the account gets smaller and smaller until finally the trader gets tired, and moves on to another market. 

This is about the precise moment that a breakout occurs. When the least amount of traders are paying attention to the market, and the market doesn't require as much volume to push it higher. 

And kaboom, the market breaks out. 

Which leads us to our next conundrum. 

By the time it's obvious that the market has broken out, we are fearful that it doesn't have any longer to run, so we wait for a pullback to buy into the trend, waiting for a juicy pullback to buy. Except when the pullback comes, it isn't deep enough to be considered a "proper pullback" and so we watch as the market just keeps running. 

Then the next pullback opportunity comes, and this is a good "proper" deep pullback, except this time it's too deep and you are convinced that the run is over. Only to watch it rip higher from there.

Bitcoin this past month is another great example of that

Even all of 2020 was a buying opportunity

There was a period from May to August where the price traded sideways from 10k down to 9k, frustrating traders endlessly. 

And today, at this very moment, BTCUSD is trading at $18,850.

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