Major Market Rotation Again

prop trading strategy Feb 15, 2021

Earlier this year I alerted everyone in the Trading Lab about a major pullback in the $NQ, we got positioned for this the last week of August. Some Lab members shorted for a handsome 8% profit, while others who were already long from April lows chose to hedge with puts, locking in a pretty epic run.  

This is not news generated, this isn't politics or anything that you mind find being thrown around on TV. And this certainly isn't something that permabears spew non-stop on Twitter. 

The thing that makes this setup so powerful is that it has an 81.8% win rate since 1999, with an average move of at least 8%. 

You know me I'm not a permabear and I rarely talk about equity markets selling off, but when I do, YOU SHOULD PAY ATTENTION!

An 8% down move on a levered market can be MASSIVE returns, the sort of returns that could double or triple an account if traded correctly. Using proper entry techniques that I talk about in the Consistently Profitable Trader course

This setup is something that you can discover and backtest on your own using the methods that I teach in the Systems Mastery Course.

More important than all of that is collaborating with other high skill traders in the Trading Lab, where we are working together to discover and test out these strategies in real time. 

We have  numerous lab members funded at various Prop Trading firms, trading multiple 6 figure and 7 figure accounts.

It is hard work and discipline getting funded with the parameters these firms require, but we've cracked the code on the tryouts at these prop firms. If you've ever wanted to trade for a prop firm, now is the time!

This is a life changing. Imagine trading $100k, $500k, $2m with profit splits of 50/50, 75/25 or 90/10 in YOUR favor, where you can pull profits out of the account weekly. 

Here's an example of a strategy that a team of Lab traders built using all the techniques and training from Consistently Profitable Trader and Systems Mastery Course and use trading at multiple prop firms, yeah you can trade multiple prop accounts. 

Let's break this down on a $100k Prop Account paying 90/10 in your favor, using the above trade example (that is you take 90% of the profits and the firm keeps 10%)

147 trades this year, so that's approximately 3 trades per week with a 59% win rate

Average Win 1.83R
Average Loss -.97R
Total R = 103.39R

If R = 2% (risking 2% per trade) that's $731,951.43 as of today (minus 100k which is the firms capital)

90% payout to you the trader of the $631,951.43 in profits is $568,756.28 

Here's the last 30 or so trades


Prop trading is an amazing opportunity, but it takes a LOT of discipline and trading a system with real edges, and having a team to work with makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE

I'll reveal more about the Major market reversal later this week, so stay tuned to your inbox!

P.S. A lot of you have been emailing in asking about joining a prop firm and if buying the Systems Mastery Course or joining the lab is the right move. We do have something special planned for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so keep an eye on your inbox towards the end of the week!


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